No Time to Die director has an idea for a James Bond reboot

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No Time To Die director Cary Fukunaga has revealed he has an idea for a James Bond reboot film.

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“I still have a pitch, if I had to reboot it I’d do it, which I’ll keep for myself for now,” Fukunaga said. /Film, asked if any ideas on the film came from his initial meeting with Bond producers before Daniel Craig was confirmed to return.

“But it was a completely clean slate. In September of 2018 I was just listening to everyone, what was working, what wasn’t working, what they wanted, what they expected, and that’s it. Had to sit down and try to figure it out. How to turn it into a story,” he said. “Inevitably, things seep in, things you’ve tried before and other stories that didn’t work, but you’re just looking for a space that can fit, you know? I think about it in extra furniture.” I think so, but a lot came out of those meetings in September, and it went on till we finished shooting.”


There’s no word yet on the future of the Bond franchise — and producer Barbara Broccoli has already indicated that the search for a new 007 won’t begin until 2022.

No Time to Die co-starred Ana de Armas in Captain Marvel’s Lashana Lynch as 00 Agent Nomi, and Craig’s Knives Out as Paloma, while Lee Seydoux returned as Madeleine Swann, Christophe. Waltz returned as Blofeld, Ralph Fiennes returned as M, Ben Whishaw returned as Q, Naomi Harris returned as Moneypenny, and Jeffrey Wright returned as Felix Leiter. Is. Rami Malek is playing the role of the villain Safin.

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The film is currently in both US and UK cinemas. If you’re all hooked on the movie, check out our full guide to No Time to Die ending, as well as our thoughts on who the next James Bond could be.

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