No, Walmart isn't accepting crypto payments in Litecoin

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Walmart is done Rumored to be developing a digital currency strategyBut the retail giant isn’t ready to start accepting cryptocurrency just yet. Walmart on Monday confirmed to CNBC That a press release sent out by GlobalNewswire stated that the retailer was going to offer a pay-with-Litecoin option was fake.

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sent cheat Litecoin value increased by almost 30% According to CoinDesk, on Monday morning around $225. It has since dropped to around $180.

While Monday’s release was fake, Walmart is exploring how it might work with cryptocurrencies in the future. Last month, a careers listing on the retailer’s website said it is looking to hire a cryptocurrency product lead who will develop the company’s digital currency strategy and road map.


Walmart and the Litecoin Foundation did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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The hoax release included fake quotes from Walmart executives.

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