no one saves the world A brand new dungeon crawling game that tasks players with saving the world from evil. It is developed and published by Drinkbox Studios, makers of the Platforming game Guacamelli And its sequel. In it, players will take on the role of Nobody, a blank slate character, and use a wand to transform into 15 different forms such as a wizard, a robot, a dragon, and more.

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As players progress through the game, they will unlock more abilities and forms to use in their adventure. no one saves the world It is scheduled to be released on January 18th for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S by Drinkbox. The game will also be available on Xbox Game Pass, and can be played alone or with a friend in cooperative, online multiplayer mode.


Recently, a new gameplay video for no one saves the world What was released shows “late-game” footage along with some developer commentary from assistant producers Josh Davis and Daniel Korn. Developers play using online co-op no one saves the world To show more of the game’s overworld after already showing a lot of dungeon gameplay.

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For the new gameplay video, the developers show off an area called the Path of Doom. The Path of Doom is described as a series of arenas that players will need to complete later in the game to reach other parts of the overworld, such as Ancient Mines and others. Path of Doom offers various challenges and can block players’ progress moving forward, and arenas don’t let anyone hold back, so players will need to get ahead of them.

In Path of Doom, players will face waves of enemies and the developers recommend that players be careful in using their skills. The developers also featured some gameplay for the robot and necromancer forms that players can unlock later in the game. Players will get to see some abilities in both of these forms as well as other forms that can be unlocked no one saves the world,

The video also shows developers the various forms of mixing and mixing available to them. Once the developers make it through to Path of Doom, the video briefly shows some of the other NPC players the player will be meeting throughout. Specifically, the Fallen Hero, the Groundskeeper, and some members of the Thieves Guild and the Knights Guild, two of the three guilds that will give players different sides throughout the game.

no one saves the world It is scheduled to release on January 18th for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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