NordVPN wants to help you test the speed of your VPN connection

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Although many different variables come into play when choosing the best VPN for your use case, including user interface, apps, servers, location, protocols, and security, speed will be most important.

However, measuring VPN speed and performance can be difficult, which is why NordVPN has developed a new open-source tool and methodology to help you objectively measure and compare the speeds of different VPN services.


The company’s new tool tests accounts for a wide range of use cases and allows users to connect and compare different VPN services while providing detailed reporting.

NordVPN’s cybersecurity expert, Vykintas Maknicus, explained in a press release why the company decided to develop its own speed testing tool and make it publicly available on GitHub, saying:

“Connection speed is one of the most important factors that affect user experience when they use a VPN. People want to secure their internet traffic without sacrificing speed. However, testing VPN speed meaningfully is a complicated process as countless factors can affect it. An integrated, standard speed-testing methodology would go a long way toward solving the problem for all of us. And that’s what we’re trying to achieve.”

measuring vpn performance

The lack of a unified approach to how performance is measured in VPNs has led to a situation where different researchers from different outlets show different results in different sequences.

By providing conflicting information to potential customers, it has become difficult for them to make an informed decision when shopping for a VPN. Plus, it can also be difficult for VPN providers to evaluate how their performance will measure up when they’re working on improving their service and infrastructure.

According to NordVPN’s whitepaper on the matter, its VPN provider will support ExpressVPN, SurfShark, PIA, and PureVPN along with its own VPNs when the network performance testing tool is released. However, other VPN providers can be added by creating an individual branch of their tool’s project on GitHub and updating the code. NordVPN’s developers will then review the code and merge it into the master branch to make it available to everyone.

The whitepaper also states that the company has chosen Ookla as part of its tool because it is one of the most popular tools for testing network performance, it can be used through the command line interface (CLI) And Ookla allows third parties to configure Speedtest servers. their own infrastructure.

like that techradar Testing the VPN, NordVPN’s new tool will use OpenVPN as a baseline to compare these results to the VPN provider’s proprietary protocols such as ExpressVPN’s Lightwave, Hotspot Shield’s Catapult Hydra, VyprVPN’s Chameleon or NordVPN’s NordLinks Can you

Those interested in testing NordVPN’s new open-source VPN speed test tool can download it from GitHub here and there once other VPN providers and researchers start participating in its development.

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