Hideo Kojima has been one of the most prolific developers in the gaming industry for over thirty years. During his three decades with Konami and later with his own studio, Kojima Productions, Kojima has helped create some of the most iconic franchises in gaming such as metal Gear and his most recent title, death stranding, With Kojima recently teasing an upcoming new project from Kojima Productions, many fans are anticipating the iconic developer’s next title and some believe that a familiar face may be involved with the new venture. Is.

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After Kojima’s publicized split with Konami in 2015, his development team reinvented itself as an independent studio and partnered with Sony to create their first fully original game, 2019. Death Stranding. death stranding released to a significant level of excitement among the gaming world not only for its legendary director but also for his role being played by the popular the walking dead Actor Norman Reedus. Now, a cryptic tweet from Kojima has fueled rumors that Reedus may once again be partnering with Hideo Kojima for the studio’s new mystery project.


Kojima’s tweet shows a blurred image of a production set for Kojima Productions’ latest unconfirmed project, with what is speculated to be a particular figure wearing a white shirt and black pants. Kojima’s relationship with Norman Reedus predates the development death stranding As the actor was originally planned to star in Kojima’s much-awaited silent HillsMILF a reboot of Silent Hill The franchise which was terminated with Kojima’s separation from Konami in 2015.

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While many speculated that Reedus’ possible involvement in the new project from Kojima Productions may be linked death strandingThere has been no confirmation of any of the details of the new project, nor of Reedus’ involvement in the project. The recent announcement of the establishment of TV and Music divisions by Kojima Productions may imply that the new project is not even a game, but one of the beginnings of these other divisions. Game Awards host Geoff Keighley also appeared in replies to Kojima’s tweet, fueling speculation that details could come during this year’s Game Awards.

The recent work of Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions has established a unique presence within the modern gaming industry. The studio’s games have often been compared to films by their focus on story and cinematography, and Kojima has even sought out famous musicians such as Hans Zimmer to bring to life the music of his games. While few details have been revealed about Kojima Productions’ upcoming project, the potential involvement of Kojima himself and Norman Reedus will certainly create a lot of excitement for fans of the legendary director.

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