Nvidia appears to be considering every GPU and memory config imaginable for the 30-series

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Another load of Nvidia GPU rumors have just surfaced. We’ve had a lot of leaks about the RTX 3090 Ti (GA102-350) for a while now, so that’s likely to happen in the new year – although nothing is certain until Nvidia actually announces it. This is joined by recent rumors of a 16GB spin of the RTX 3050 (GA107-350) and RTX 3050 Ti (GA106-150) as well as the RTX 3070 Ti (GA104-401) and a 12GB version of the RTX 3080. GA102-220).

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That’s a lot of new GPUs. are likely to be. One explanation is that these are chips that Nvidia has produced for its own verification but has no intention of actually manufacturing in quantity. Or just rumour.

We’ve seen some supporting evidence for the former with the original rumors of an RTX 3080 Ti (GA102-250) set to take on the AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT with 20GB of VRAM and what is essentially a cutdown RTX 3090. What was eventually released under that name was a very different beast—the 12GB RTX 3080 Ti uses a GA102-225 GPU instead.


Some of these ‘rumours’ are just people filling gaps in Nvidia’s 30-series lineup. The RTX 3050 and RTX 3050 Ti are obvious candidates here, simply because Nvidia currently has nothing below the RTX 3060 in its 30-series stack on desktops. Surely such GPUs will appear at some point? If only that then Nvidia makes more use of the chips it produces.

The fact that the RTX 3050 exists in mobile form has made it a likely candidate for desktop for some time. generally reliable hardware leaker, kopite, has sparked renewed interest in such GPUs with some recent tweets.

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A possible complication here is that there have been rumors that the RTX 2060 could make a comeback. It will likely be battling at, or near the same price point, making it unlikely that both will exist at the same time. Of course, the reissue of such a card raises as many questions as it answers.

Then there are the rumors about different memory configurations of the existing cards—a 16GB RTX 3070 Ti and a 12GB RTX 3080. Again these may be exploring different memory configurations for Nvidia with no specific intention to make them ready for the mass market. having said that, new Rumors on Videocardz It is suggested that the board’s participants have been asked to be prepared for such a release.

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VRAM on graphics cards can be a controversial issue, simply because it is often used by marketing teams to make cards look better than they actually are. For its latest RDNA 2 cards, AMD has offered more VRAM than Nvidia at similar price points, but unless games actually make reasonable use of more memory, there’s no real benefit to show for it. Not there.

What is potentially more beneficial is the jump in memory bandwidth on offer. By increasing the VRAM of the RTX 3080 to 12 GB, Nvidia will have to use the 384-bit memory bus as opposed to the 320-bit bus found in the original version. That’s more bandwidth and potentially better performance, although memory speed apparently plays a part here as well.

All these rumors point to a January 2022 release date, so we’ll probably have to wait until what Nvidia actually has planned. Right now, it appears that there are five new GPUs on the way – from the powerful RTX 3090 Ti to the lower RTX 3050, there’s room for the return of the RTX 2060 as well. Oh, and maybe some RTX 30-series Super cards? Oh boy

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