Right now, millions of gamers around the world are struggling to catch up to the new technology. It’s not just PC hardware, like the graphics card, that’s hard to find. Video game consoles are also difficult to buy, with Nintendo saying semiconductor shortages could affect the Switch earlier this year. No one can be 100% sure when the situation will ease, although top industry experts predict that it could probably continue for another year. NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang also summed up the shortcomings, saying that the company may not be able to meet demand.

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In a recent interview, Huang, who co-founded Nvidia in 1993, talked about some of the exciting products and technological innovations the chip group is currently preparing for. During the Q&A session with the interviewers, they were asked about the ongoing shortage that is currently plaguing the tech world. Huang said that, certainly within the next year, demand will be far greater than supply, adding that there is no “magic bullet” to deal with the deficit. However, he also said that the company has its share of suppliers, and has multiple sources.


Despite the shortfall, companies like Nvidia are seeing huge revenue growth, with the company recording billions in profits earlier this year. In the interview, Huang said that, due to the pandemic, many more people are finding themselves working from home, which requires users to purchase reliable technology. Given that, it makes sense that Nvidia would see profits increase as working from home, and the need for computers to do so, became commonplace.

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Photo of the Nvidia logo outside the corporate building.

It also doesn’t look like short supply is draining Nvidia’s drive, as it prepares to bring new products into an uncertain market, and there’s even talk of the company moving to the next generation of GPUs. With Intel recently announcing its own brand of graphics cards, it makes sense that “Team Green” would try to beat the rest of the competition. But, as Huang himself suggests, getting hardware into the hands of consumers is going to be a struggle for the next twelve months, at least.

it’s not even the first time NVIDIA The executive has talked about the shortcomings. A few months ago, Huang believed that supply issues could last until 2023, which is almost exactly what the CEOs of Intel and AMD have said. Given the power of these guys, many are probably prepared to assume that getting a new GPU any time soon could be difficult.

Source: Yahoo! finance (Comments on reduction start at 15:00 mark)

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