A massive data leak on Nvidia GeForce Now has probably revealed dozens of previously unannounced games. Many games appear to be ports to PC Play Station title, including returnal And demon spirits.

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Nvidia GeForce Now is a streaming service that connects to multiple digital PC storefronts, offering thousands of games to play instantly. It operates in much the same way as Xbox Cloud Gaming with Game Pass or PlayStation Now, where users subscribe to the service and are given instant library access without jumping through any additional hoops.


Over the past year or two, PlayStation has slowly rolled out some of its console-exclusive games like Horizon Zero Dawnhandjob death stranding, And days gone For PC, with plans to bring more in the future. If leaks are to be believed, it looks like several more PC ports of the beloved PlayStation titles may be on the way.

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Recently, a user on Medium by the name of Igor July revealed listings for several PlayStation games from the Nvidia GeForce Now store. In an attempt to recover some deleted games, July stumbled across a list of PlayStation titles, including:

  • Unknown: Legacy of Thieves Edition
  • Helidivers 2
  • Horizon Forbidden West
  • GT7
  • uprooted
  • God of war
  • returnal
  • demon spirits
  • Ratchet and Clank
  • Sackboy: A Big Adventure
  • the ghost of tsushima

As of July, listings of these games should be taken with salt as they can either be out of date, canceled or serve as test data for new developments in these franchises. Notable missing titles are rumored bloodborne PC port, as well as Insomniac Spider Man Games, and Naughty Dogs the last of us.

The Unknown Legacy of Thieves

Interestingly, despite the vague nature of why some of these titles are listed here, Unknown: Legacy of the Thieves’ Collection is important. NS Legacy of the Thieves’ Collection Last week the PlayStation Showcase 2021 was announced, bringing a bundle Unknown 4: A Thief’s End And lost legacy For PS5 and PC. Unannounced PC port for archiving such as . to appear with returnal And demon spirits It looks like the games, at least, are being tested on GeForce Now. Maybe they’ll eventually get the formal PC treatment. Of course, it could have been added to give it some false credibility.

Unfortunately, at the moment, not much can be done to verify the veracity of the leak. On the internal PlayStation side, there have been previous suggestions that PlayStation was working on a more PC port like the PlayStation Studio Steam page. However, given how often Play Station With three or four titles bringing their games to PC over the past two years, it could take a long time for any of these games to arrive in the PC storefront.

Source: medium

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