Nvidia GPU mining limiter 100% dodged by mining two cryptocurrencies at once

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Cryptocurrency miners will not give up. Just when you thought Nvidia barred cryptominers from buying all GPUs with the introduction of mining limits on their 30-series GPUs, yet another hash rate unlocking software has emerged. This time around, the miner cards are being scaled back up to 100% efficiency, with a few caveats.

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In August, NBMiner nearly eliminated Nvidia’s hash rate limiters. Now, the new software known as t rex Ethereum allows miners to bypass hash rate limits entirely, if they mine some other cryptocurrency at the same time (via) toms hardware)

“This option allows you to utilize the full potential of the LHR card,” the github page claims, as long as your GPU “has enough VRAM to hold two DAGs/datasets by simultaneously mining two DAGs/datasets.” – ETH (~30%) and some others (~70%).”

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The page notes some of the hash rates miners can expect from mining various cryptocurrency combinations with certain GPUs. For example, an RTX 3080 Ti running the T-Rex miner can reach a hash rate of 35.4 MH/s when mined with Ethereum, as well as ergo at 183.3 MH/s—effectively bypassing any limits. While doing the nvidia had decided to set.

The news of such a disruptive new hash rate unlocking software comes at a time when many of us are looking to finally upgrade our GPUs, after a drawn out battle with silicon shortages, and stock issues.

It would be nice if miners could take a hint at this point and let us return our hobby. But… hackers have to hack, etc. Honestly, where is Ethereum with the proof-of-stake plans that it was promising?

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