Nvidia is intentionally capping frame rates on GeForce Now. What’s going on?

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Nvidia’s cloud-streaming gaming service GeForce Now recently added a new plan called the RTX 3080. At twice the price of the tier that used to be the best (dubbed priority), the new plan is said to deliver a high-end performance. gaming computer.

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While Nvidia has been busy promoting the RTX 3080 plan, existing GeForce Now Priority members noticed that their games were not rendering as promised, at 60 frames per second (fps). Following this discovery, Nvidia confirmed that while No games limited in the RTX 3080 plan, the company admits to deliberately capping FPS in certain games for players using the Priority tier. We tested several games to see how they performed when using Nvidia GeForce Now.

Nvidia's GeForce Now ecosystem.

The Priority tier costs $50 per month and promises gaming performance on par with using a premium gaming rig, priority access to gaming servers, up to six hours of gaming at a time, and most importantly, up to 1080p gaming at 60 fps. However, it appears that not all 1,100 supported games are capable of delivering such performance, although this is not indicated by Nvidia on the subscription page.


The situation became public when a Reddit user contacted Nvidia’s customer service, noting that Guardians of the Galaxy Cap out at 50 frames per second. It cannot be changed in the game menu. This prompted confirmation from Nvidia that some titles are blocked from going above a certain FPS limit.

test shows different results

We’ve done some of our own testing to verify whether Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as a few other AAA titles, are capped at GeForce Now. Guardians of the Galaxy Is a DLSS game and has a render resolution of 50% regardless of whether the setting is on or off. Changing the setting doesn’t seem to have any effect on image quality or performance.

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Our in-game benchmarks produced an average of 80 frames per second, which is much higher than the 50 fps experienced by the aforementioned Reddit user. Regardless, Nvidia confirmed that the game is capped at 50 fps.

Someone is playing on GeForce Now.

“Some games on GFN are capped at certain FPS such as cyberpunk (at 45 fps) and others. For Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s capped at 50 fps, so it’s not a bug,” an Nvidia representative said in an email.

nvidia is Published full list of GeForce Now games with frame rate limiters For priority users. According to Nvidia, the premium systems used for Priority members were unable to maintain a steady 60 frames per second in these titles.

The company opted to limit the frame rate by adding a new setting for priority users as opposed to improving the performance of these rigs. This setting is called Optimal Playable Settings (OSP) and can be overridden in most, but not all, games provided by Nvidia GeForce Now. Nvidia claims that limiting FPS to certain games will ensure a consistent, high-quality experience for all Priority members, but Nvidia also assures that games are still being streamed at 60 FPS.

We tested several other games from Nvidia’s list to verify the FPS capabilities provided to Priority members. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey It should be capped at 45 fps, but the cap is turned down and the game produces an average of 59 fps. it is interesting that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla not on the list with OdysseyBecause both the games run on the same engine.

cyberpunk 2077, Meanwhile, it’s supposedly capped at 45 fps, though I’ve captured 60 fps on the video stream with the local frame rate tool. It appears that GeForce Now actually still streams at 60 frames per second, even though the game itself doesn’t render that many frames.

walheim And path of Exile are also found in Nvidia’s catalog, and this is another surprising example of Nvidia’s weird FPS capping pattern. Both of these titles aren’t very demanding when it comes to system requirements, so it’s curious why Nvidia chose to cap them at 50 fps – similar to the famously resource-heavy cyberpunk 2077,

GeForce Now on MacBook Air.

DLSS is on

We’ve also found that most supported games have Nvidia DLSS turned on. As an installer, you usually can’t change the settings, but DLSS is an exception. Turning it off results in a vast improvement in image quality.

It’s hard to say whether all these frame rate limits affect every single user. As proven by our testing, some games achieve higher FPS than Nvidia’s. In addition, it’s likely that members of the $100-per-month ‘RTX 3080’ tier don’t suffer from these restrictions, though Nvidia hasn’t disclosed whether any game FPS is capped in that tier.

Despite the inconsistencies that Nvidia failed to disclose, GeForce Now remains a solid option in times of lack of ongoing graphics cards. However, it would certainly be better if Nvidia informed future members about the potential FPS cap ahead of time.

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