Nvidia says the GPU shortage will continue its rampage through 2022

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Nvidia believes that global chip shortages will not experience improvement in the near future, with supply issues expected to continue throughout 2022.

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Jensen Huang, CEO of GPU Giants, share His expectations on the outlook for next year’s inventory levels with Yahoo Finance. “I think over the course of the next year, demand is going to far exceed supply. We have no magic bullet in navigating the supply chain,” he said.

RTX 3080 Ti in front of a window.

Yet, due to the high demand, chip makers’ profits have seen record highs. AMD, for example, recorded In its third quarter of 2021, it is the best financial quarter ever.


Going forward, Nvidia is also confident that its financial performance will remain healthy.

“We have the support of our suppliers. We are fortunate that we are multi-source and our supply chain is diverse and our company is quite large so we have the support of a large ecosystem around us,” Huang said.

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While Huang doesn’t envision the chip shortage coming to an end next year, AMD CEO Lisa Su has a more optimistic view; She expects the situation to improve during the second half of 2022. However, Intel believes that the supply-demand balance Will not done can be achieved by 2023 as soon as possible,

Chip shortages have recently been exacerbated by supply chain issues that have shown no signs of improvement. Several industries have been badly hit by the lack of inventory for products, especially GPUs. and gaming consoles, For both categories, scalpers took advantage of the current situation, which inevitably resulted in substantial price increases. across the board.

To make matters worse, GPUs have become an extremely valuable commodity for miners due to the recent record highs in cryptocurrency., which makes it even more difficult for the average consumer to get their hands on a graphics card. One person in particular was subjected to a one-year wait for his order for the RTX 3080, which was only expedited after he shipped the cake.

Elsewhere, Valve’s much-anticipated Steam Deck portable gaming console has been delayed for months due to component shortages, Meanwhile, Sony was Allegedly Manufacturing limitations forced it to lower its PlayStation 5 production targets.

We’re more than a year into a GPU shortage, and given the general consensus on how long this will last, gamers will have to wait another year before supply issues become commonplace.

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