Nvidia will give PlayStation PC games the DLSS treatment

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With more PlayStation games coming to PC, graphics card maker Nvidia is working on improving the PC versions of PCs compared to their console counterparts. Horizon Zero Dawn while undergoing DLSS treatment god of wowr will get the same with a suite of other graphical improvements.

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Starting today, anyone who has Nvidia’s beefier card on their computer can play Horizon Zero Dawn On PC with Nvidia’s DLSS technology. DLSS, or Deep Learning Super Sampling, uses AI rendering to increase the in-game frame rate without reducing the resolution. This technology lets players play their games at a higher resolution, with max-out settings, or even with ray tracing enabled, without shedding a lot of frames. whereas Horizon Zero Dawn There is no ray tracing, the game is quite demanding, although Nvidia claims that DLSS can increase game performance “up to 50%”.

For next year’s PC re-release God of war, the blockbuster title will receive many changes and improvements when it moves away from consoles. With Nvidia’s DLSS, Anyone Playing God of war on pc With an Nvidia graphics card one will be able to use Nvidia Reflex, which reduces latency. The game will feature a full range of graphics settings options, allowing players to turn on high-resolution shadows, high rendering resolution, and more. And thanks to an uncapped frame rate, players can finally play God of war at 144 frames per second.

PC Specs of God Of War.

Nvidia also shared God of warPC system requirements, which suggests that the title won’t be too demanding to play. God of war It is set to launch on PC on January 14, 2022.

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