Nvidia's GeForce Now service can stream Fortnite on iPhone and Android

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The hit game has been banned from Apple’s iOS App Store and Google’s Play Store for over a year.

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More than a year after Apple and Google pulled out fortnite Chipmaker Nvidia, an online battle game from their respective app stores for iPhone, iPad or Android devices, has an answer. Serialize.


Nvidia said on Thursday that it will begin offering a trial version of Fortnite through its GeForce Now game streaming service. People already can access the subscription service via web browsers on their devices, streaming some games for free in a one-hour gaming session, or for $10 a month more. Now, Nvidia said, it has worked with Fortnite maker Epic Games to create a version of the game that brings back touch controls, making it easier to play on a mobile device.

“While PC games in the GeForce Now library are best experienced on mobile with a gamepad, the introduction of touch controls created by the GeForce Now team provides more options for players starting with Fortnite,” said Nvidia. In a blog post announcing the move, The company said that it plans to introduce more touch-friendly games in the future.

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Nvidia’s move offers eager gamers a way to somewhat bypass Apple and Google, which removed Fortnite from their respective app stores in August 2020. Controversy over security and payment, Epic sued both companies citing antitrust violations, an argument that, so far, Lost substantially in its first test against Apple Last year.

Since both pulled out of the App Store, Epic has prompted Apple and Google to reverse their decisions. Meanwhile, it also sought ways to offer Fortnite outside of those app stores. On devices powered by Google’s Android software, this means downloading the game directly, Google’s security without protection, Apple devices are only allowed to download apps from the company’s App Store, effectively freezing Fortnite until the announcement of Nvidia’s GeForce Now.

Apple did not respond to a request for comment. Google notes that although Fortnite isn’t available on its Play Store, the open nature of its Android software means people can already download software from other sources.

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