The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion A game known for its hilarious bugs and moments. One of these moments shows a clip of the offensive oblivion NPCs harass the player, refusing to use their weapons, and resorting to what they say.

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The clip begins with the player walking away to the sound of a distant, angry voice. the sound comes out oblivion A character named Dunius Mennius is walking near a door in random directions and shouting different words at the player.


The player, Reddit user Coboez, faced taunts, ridicule and confusion from the bug Elder Scrolls NPCs, and attempted to escape the onslaught of humiliation by running away. However, Dunius Mennius proved to be a persistent adversary, and followed Coboez wherever he went. Eventually, Coboez grew tired of the verbal assault, and stabs Dunius to death, putting an end to his rhetorical reign of terror.

Other Reddit users had a field day with the clip, leading to a lot of jokes about NPC insults. One user joked that Dunias “doesn’t like violence” but that he “could hurt you in other ways.” Another user joked that “after running out of proper arrows, he resorted to hurting you the only way (Dunius) is: emotionally.” Yet another user praised Duneus for his skill, calling him “the most vicious tongue of all Tamriel”. Koboez quipped that it particularly hurt his feelings when Duneus called him pathetic.

enemy in oblivion The player will use a number of different strategies to attack, but Dunius Mennius’ strategy is certainly one of the most creative. Instead of resorting to his weapons like some sort of barbarian, Dunius would give a piece of his mind to his enemies, letting them know what he thought of them. Then, when he gets their attention, he taunts them for fighting, with cries of “Do your worst” and “Show me what you have”. The most surprising moment of the video is when Dunais resorted to one of the oblivionHis most secret strategy was to steal the key from Koboez’s pocket, while continuing to insult Koboez while he did so. Although physically harmless, Dunuis proved himself to be one of the most dastardly and talkative NPCs oblivion,

the Elder Scrolls The series holds fond memories for many gamers, not only because they are great games, but also because of such hilarious moments. insects oblivion Sometimes gamebreaking can happen, but in the case of Duneus Mennius, the occasional bugs make for some of the best clips in gaming. Duniaus just got lucky he never appeared The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, or maybe he’s found himself on the receiving end of a shout or two for his trouble.

The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion Available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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