When it comes to the Elder Scrolls series, they may be revered, but many fans know that they are generally notorious for being full of glitches, some minor, some hilarious, but sometimes some game-breaking. Even the anniversary edition of Skyrim Despite the game being over a decade old at this point, there are bugs. But the issues went far back in the Bethesda franchise, and one fan discovered that the fourth installment in the epic fantasy series, oblivion, is by no means immune to some amusing, and immersion-breaking mishaps.

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in a recent post on oblivion Subreddit, user FoehmmersRvng uploaded a brief clip from the classic RPG, which shows the player engaging with an Imperial Guard. However, this is not a normal exchange of words, as the guard in question appears to be floating high in the air. The game goes a long way in starting a conversation between the player and the NPC. Other than the guards hovering several hundred feet in the air, and their character models moving slightly, short conversations go on as normal.


As can be imagined, the comments are flooded with other users who are happy with the apparently unintentional glitch in the game. One person jokes about how Tamriel’s world is open to attack if the guards are “stuck in the sky”. The clip ends before viewers can see what happened to the guard who hails. oblivionGrand Imperial City. In general, this isn’t a game-breaking bug because the NPC isn’t a quest character, but it’s still a lot of fun to watch, even if it breaks the overall immersion a bit.

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For a game that came out in 2006, it’s amusing to learn that there are still some harmless bugs being noticed by players. Looks like many fans are noticing oblivion There have been glitches recently, which is something players have come to expect from Bethesda games, even older games. At this stage, it’s too much to post about the gripping issues seen in any of the epic titles in this franchise or Conflict,

oblivion considered one of the best Elder Scrolls The game, according to Metacritic, states that no matter how many bugs people find, fans will continue to play the game unabated. Bethesda titles will always be popular among players, but perhaps one of the things that keeps games in the spotlight are all the issues that come with the studio’s more contemporary releases.

The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion Available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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