Oh, no! Forza Horizon 5 might turn me into a car guy

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I don’t know how to drive a car. The thought of driving a big machine at high speed always caused my anxiety and gave me cold feet when I put the pedal up. Fortunately, I grew up in a small town where I could usually walk easily to any friend’s house and later moved to New York City, where a car is unnecessary. Oh, I also failed my driver’s license test. Maybe it’s a good thing you never see me on the street.

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Because of that, I get a weird thrill from racing games. While I don’t feel confident enough to drive a car in real life, I am capable of zipping down a road in a sports car at 100 mph. Who cares if I crash? My expensive car will be back on the road with a scratch.

forza horizon 5 Takes it to the next level for me. After playing the first hour and a half of the game, I had a terrifying realization: this game could turn me into a car guy.

i’m the car guy, duho


forza horizon 5 Perfect cut to chase. It opens with a series of Fast & Furious-esque vignettes where various cars drive into the game’s Mexican open world. The first thing I notice is that I don’t need to memorize a ton of complicated controls. I just need to accelerate, brake and turn to start playing. Within seconds, I’m behind the wheel of a car turning like a pro (it becomes clear I’m not once I’m in the actual race). It’s a pick-up-and-play opening by design, meant to welcome racing newbies like me, creative director Mike Brown told Nerdshala.

A car hits the road in Forza Horizon 5.

“We’ve learned a lot about how Game Pass players play, and that includes people who may be new to driving games,” Brown told Nerdshala. “We think we have a really great introduction to the game that brings people in, treats them with respect, doesn’t stop them in tutorials, and gives them a really exciting introduction to the game.” We try to deliver our tutorials in a very human way. Characters describe things to you as if they are talking to you, their friend, rather than going through them in a tutorial Work hard. We’ve found that this is a better way to bring in those new players.”

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It definitely comes. In my play, I never bump up against some complicated auto talk I feel in my head. No matter what I’m doing, I always understand the basics. As long as I can pull the right trigger to accelerate, I can freely explore the game’s gorgeous and varied environment.

It’s incredibly relaxing when I let the road take me. I often have friends who love driving tell me how calming they find the experience, which has always been different for me, but I get it here. With no purpose, the act of peeking through a desert at my pace becomes a hypnotic experience. At one point, I actually catch myself controller in hand, nodding. I don’t mean that as a negative – just that I was able to reach a sort of zen moment (though this moment can also be attributed to the fact that I had a strep throat before playing). had received steroid treatment).

getting a tune-up

forza horizon 5 Incredibly technical, though. Despite the fact that anyone can understand the basics, it has a lot of deep systems for real auto-heads. As I build my loadout for a race, I’m presented with a shop full of cars I can buy. I don’t understand the difference between all of them and getting only the one that looks best, but I know I’m not choosing the best car for the job (although a “recommended” label would point me in the right direction). Is).

Even more technical, however, is the game’s tune-up menu, which allows players to make adjustments to almost every aspect of the car. As someone who doesn’t understand cars, this is unmistakable. There are pages and pages of sliders that make minor changes to my car. I am immediately obsessed with it. I don’t understand any of this, but I want to. Lord as my witness, I will learn to tune the right car.

Cars race through a track in Forza Horizon 5.

Video games can be fun in the way that they push players to mastery. Really getting into a game means taking a deep dive into all of its mechanics and learning every little detail. If you want to rack up huge combos tales of rise, you’ll essentially learn a new language based on the game’s in-depth Artes system. what’s different about it forza horizon 5 is that its language is rooted in reality, not magic. The more a newcomer digs into their tune-up systems or begins to understand their cars, the more they learn about real-world driving fundamentals.

I definitely won’t be able to drive a car after playing forza horizon 5. In fact, my inexperience shows. I finish last in most of the early races as I struggle with its more grounded physics. I quickly realized that the kart racers of my years wouldn’t run here because my attempts at drifting around corners in cartoon form send me into a tailspin through a patch of cacti. But what’s important is that I went off the demo itching to learn more. I want to understand that tune-up system to a T. I want to know which car should I drive for any given area. I want to get a firm grip on the weight of each car so that I can turn the keel.

Games can be simple entertainment, but they can also be teachers. I want forza horizon 5 To convert me into a car guy at least digitally. God help

forza horizon 5 Will release on November 5th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Game Pass.

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