Rumors persisted that a new Silent Hill The game is in active development, but no official announcement has been made. While horror game fans wait to know if there’s any truth to it Silent Hill Resume the rumours, they can wait for new horror games to scratch the same itch. recently revealed got us wrong definitely one to watch Silent Hill fans, because it wants to combine the horror atmosphere of those classic games with some dark Souls Element

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Gameplay for open world horror game got us wrong The reveal was revealed at the Golden Joystick Awards, a video game awards ceremony that isn’t quite as famous for its big world premiere as The Game Awards, but still has its fair share of exciting announcements. got us wrong was one of the most exciting shows ever, showing a supernatural horror game with disturbing imagery that is clearly taking inspiration from Konami. Silent Hill Voting.


like Silent Hillmain character of got us wrong, whose name appears to be Isaac, finds himself on a spooky city hunt for a missing person. Isaac is subjected to all kinds of terrifying scenes along the way, like a child covered in blood, a strange monster that can crawl on walls, and an unusually tall, intimidating man who looks like he’s in the critically acclaimed horror film. was ripped straight from. to follow,

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NS got us wrong The reveal trailer shows a little combat and exploration, as well as stealth elements as Isaac has to hide from dangerous townspeople. The trailer ends with Isaac as a crowd of people standing in front of a burning house. There’s not a ton of context for what’s going on, and it looks like the answers horror game fans want will have to wait. got us wrong To find out more about what’s launching next year.

makes trailer Silent Hill Motivation is clear, but it’s not as clear is it got us wrong borrowing from dark Souls, The official website of the game indicates that dark SoulsGame world and quest design inspiring got us wrong, but it doesn’t actually appear in the gameplay trailer. there’s really something in the game the last of us Vibes too, so it will be interesting to see how it all pans out.

there’s still a lot got us wrong It’s a mystery, but regardless, it looks like a promising horror game. Whether it can live up to the legacy of the games it inspired remains to be seen, but fans will know next year.

got us wrong To be launched in 2023.

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