Some games have had lasting praise that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Had taken. lay the groundwork for mass Effect Franchise, acquisition of BioWare star wars Memorable for a number of reasons, though fans most affectionately view its narrative, which stands out as a timeless story in the franchise’s universe. Now, that story is headed to the Switch.

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Announced during today’s huge Nintendo Direct livestream, Nintendo confirmed that Knights of the Old Republic is coming to hybrid consoles later this year. Releasing on November 11th, the port might just be the most comfortable way to play it on the go, except for the sometimes annoying touch controls that the game’s mobile ports feature. However, it appears that this is only a port of the game, so don’t expect new features.


Specifically, this is the classic version of the game, not the full Knights of the Old Republic Remake The Aspire is evolving. In fact, the remake will be a special time for PlayStation, with no other future platform yet announced. While it’s likely that the game will make its way to Xbox and PC at some point, a Switch port is a bit unclear based on what’s technically on demand. However, this classic Dirty The port is a good sign for the future.

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knights of the old republic Far from the first classic star wars Games to come on Switch. In fact, there is a special emphasis on bringing the old star wars Games on Switch for the past year, with games like Jedi Outcast And pod racer Coming to the system. Together Dirty In its path, however, the most obvious gaps have been filled.

A notable omission, and which would go well with this announcement, is knights of the old republic 2, an often-overlooked sequel developed by Obsidian Entertainment. While the game hasn’t had the same impact as the original game, it expanded on the original in some interesting ways. No port was announced during Nintendo Direct, but if knights of the old republic On the system is successful, it’s possible fans will get a sequel at some point.

Regardless, it’s an interesting time to be star wars fan. new material like star wars vision And with the return of classic material, fans have a lot in store for them. Not to mention, Disney is investing quite heavily in the High Republic setting, so there’s star wars Content for almost every medium right now.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Released for Switch on November 11, 2021.

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