with season 11 Apex Legends Going well, the rankings of many players are grinding. While the game features unranked trios and doubles, many gamers enjoy the challenge of attempting to reach Apex Predator, the highest rank in battle royale. However, ranking up can be a demanding process, as many people climbing the ranks ladder can attest. Unfortunately, it appears that some players have found a questionable way to make the grind easier.

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Recently, a feat related to Respawn Beacon has come to the fore Apex Legends, Providing players an easy way to gain Ranked Points (RP). To take advantage of this feat, opposing squads have begun teaming up in ranked matches and using replicators to generate response beacons. These players then kill each other and react multiple times to gain a large amount of RP. unexpectedly, in many Apex Legends The community has taken notice of this unfair practice and called on developers to take action against those who misuse the system.


Fortunately, it appears that Respawn Entertainment has listened to the frustrations of its player base. In a recent tweet from developer Connor “Hideout” Ford, it was revealed that 2,051 players had been banned. Apex Legends, The whereabouts reveal that these users were punished for teaming up in ranks to farm RP from each other. While he notes that some have managed to obtain hunter ranks using this exploit, he reveals that these cheaters will be removed from the ranked leaderboards. He concluded the message by addressing those guilty of taking advantage of the system, “GG, play the game with some honesty next time.”

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In addition to disclosing the action taken by Respawn Entertainment, the hideouts provided a breakdown of the number of restrictions per platform. According to the developer, these restrictions include 607 on PC, 859 on PS4 and 562 on Xbox One. Even 22 was caught abusing the exploit on the Nintendo Switch version Apex Legends, Furthermore, the developer revealed that the duration of these restrictions ranged from 7 to 60 days, depending on how much they used the exploit. While none of these accounts were permanently suspended, the whereabouts did warn anyone who might consider attempting exploits in the future. “If they do it again they will be banned Parma,” he said.

It will be interesting to see how this situation progresses in the coming days. while it’s nice to see Apex Legends Developers take decisive action against those who abuse the RP system, with the “infinite RP” exploit still present in the game. Time will tell if a player is foolish enough to attempt this type of RP farming a second time.

Apex Legends Now available for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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