Although overwatch 2 Still in development, new details are coming out recently since Overwatch League Playtest. Fans have received updates on Sombra, Bastion and Junkrat Reworks in the Damage category, and Orisa and Sigma in the Tank category. In overwatch 2Of course, almost every hero is changing to some degree. Now, players have learned a little more about Brigitte’s overhaul.

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According to a new post on overwatch On Reddit, a thread asking what support characters would look like, the community manager posted some details from the two overwatch 2Developers of. Though there wasn’t that much detail for fans, fans already seem to have figured out a way. overwatch 2 Brigitte is changing “removing the stun from Brigitte.” However, that was not the complete answer.


Brigitte’s shield will no longer fend off enemies, but “it can once again pass through obstacles,” lead hero designer Geoff Goodman confirmed in a recent AMA on Reddit. This means that Brigitte can still shield Bash Reinhardt, Sigma, and many others through her own shield. However, to compensate for the lack of a stun effect, the ability has been enhanced in some new ways. Not only does it “deal more damage,” but it also comes with a lower cooldown, travels farther, and even triggers the Brig Inspire Passive.

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Similar to her other damage types, hitting with the Shield Bash now also gives Brigitte a healing aura. “You can shield Bash enemies to trigger the Inspire and move to safety without ever lowering your shield,” the devs explained. Anyone who’s played with her knows that Brigitte’s Shield Bash is a big part of her kit and while it can be hard to hear a character “nerfed,” it’s nice to know that Blizzard also added some aspects of the characters. kept overwatch 2 Doubling its range again, activating the Inspire, and being less cool will make it feel fresh and give it new mobility.

In general, the whole overwatch 2 Supporting roles will be changing. While most support heroes will still play mostly the same, they will all have less healing output. overwatch 2. According to AndyB, this was due to having a lower damage output due to 5v5 on the field instead of six, and so the healers have proven to be very effective with the new team comp.

Everything in overwatch Fits together easily, so changing one aspect will shift everything else around it. Fans will need to adapt to the changes if they want to move forward. Have these changes really resulted in a major change? overwatch 2 The meta, new skill trees, or simple character changes, all point towards the title being a very different experience.

While much of this information is slowly leaking out, fans can see overwatch 2 Will release in the second quarter of 2022.

overwatch 2 In development for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

Source: Blizzard – Reddit

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