When was the last time Blizzard showed anything significant overwatch 2, it revealed new forms for Baptiste and Sombra. next time overwatch 2 The spotlight will be on during the Overwatch League Grand Finals on September 25, at which point Blizzard is reuniting Bastian and Sombra for a how-to sequel. To wow fans until then, Blizzard has given fans a glimpse of Bastian’s new look.

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While details of Bastion’s resale have yet to be revealed, fans can get a glimpse of what the divisive DPS character will look like overwatch 2. Looks like it’s in the citadel overwatch 2 will mostly look like it does overwatch 1, but with a new paint job and a cap that might indicate his involvement with Torbjorn. Bastian’s bird friend whom he met during his overwatch In the sequel the animated short is still with him, his shoulder painted to match the color of the bird.


Blizzard didn’t give any hints about Bastian’s work, but it will certainly be interesting to see because he’s been such a controversial character in the hero shooter. Meanwhile, Sombra is also getting a new job overwatch 2, and he will also appear in the Overwatch League Grand Finals. Sombra has been Bastion’s counter for ages in origin overwatch, so maybe Blizzard chose to reveal its actions at the same time.

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Those tuning in to the Overwatch League Grand Final on September 25 will be treated to more than just Bastian and Sombra reworks. an exhibition match of overwatch 2 The action will also be on display in what will be one of the best looks that fans of the hero shooter the game has gotten to date. These updates will come as part of the Overwatch League Grand Finals pre-show and during the half-time show of the big game.

It seems that on many characters overwatch The roster is being reworked overwatch 2, a requirement born of the fact that the game is falling from six players per team to five. NS overwatch 2 The team structure will consist of two DPS characters, two supporting characters and a tank character, and this requires major changes to many of the characters in the game. some other overwatch 2 Brigitte, Doomfist, and Tracer are characters that will reportedly be resold or rebalanced.

Undoubted, overwatch 2 Tank heroes in particular are being replaced as having one tank per team will make the role significantly more important. Blizzard Has Already Explained Possible Reinhardt Resale overwatch 2, though it remains to be seen how the game will replace the other tank heroes on the roster.

overwatch 2 In development for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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