whereas overwatch 2 Still in development and gradually unveiling new character updates, such as for Bastian and Sombra for the sequel, the original overwatch Still being updated with new skins and events. And in just a few days, the popular seasonal Halloween terror event will kick off, featuring new skins.

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There are many frequent weather events overwatch Like Summer Games and Winter Wonderland. These events are known to offer some new themed skins regarding the season as well as a limited time game mode. One of the popular seasonal updates rolling out in October is Halloween Terror and fans won’t have to wait long to participate.


Blizzard has released a brief teaser for overwatch Seasonal event on Twitter It revealed the date of the Halloween terror to be held between October 12 and November 2. The teaser also gave a glimpse of a new skin for Roadhog, dressed as a clown with a red balloon, clearly inspired by Stephen King’s novel, IT.

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The teaser didn’t show anything other than the start date of Roadhog skins and Halloween Terror, but being a frequent occurrence, it’s expected to play around with new skins like previous years. In anticipation of the Halloween event, fans have already started creating Halloween-inspired . started making overwatch Skins Since only one skin is currently shown, it appears that the rest will either be shown until Halloween Terror or will be left to fans as they play through the event.

halloween terror is a overwatch Event that introduces new fun skins for the various heroes in the game. Some of these skins play well into the characters’ personalities, such as the Frankenstein skin for Roadhog, the Witch skin for Mercy, and so on. What makes the Halloween Terror Event so much fun is the game mode Junkenstein’s Revenge, where players will team up to defend themselves from waves of enemies.

It is not known if the Halloween Terror event will only feature Halloween-themed skins and an unedited version of Junkenstein’s Revenge. It’s safe to say that Junkenstein’s Revenge game mode will be edited in some way as it was in years past, though, usually with the addition of more playable heroes.

Additionally, while the mask looks good on the new Roadhog’s skin in the teaser, it doesn’t really look like there’s much for the skin other than the art on his belly. The teaser was deep and concise, though it’s possible there’s more to it than what was shown in that skin. Hopefully, the rest of the new skins that will debut will also feature fun inspiring designs like Chucky Skin.

overwatch Now available on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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