part of what makes overwatch The amount of depth each hero and their abilities have is different, as players need to spend dozens of hours with a single character in order to be fully mastered. One overwatch The protagonist who is especially powerful when players learn how to use him is Lucio, who was recently featured via a clip.

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Unforgettable overwatch Clips are being shared every day, with players always sharing their best moments online. These plays range from well-timed Genji deflects to the clever Ultimate Counter of Heroes like Roadhog. When it comes to memorable Lucio plays, the clip will usually see players using a clever Lucio route before hitting a fancy one. Such was the case with the play created by XboxLucio, although Walleren is actually the least impressive piece of footage.


In the clip, the Lucio player can be seen on overwatch Map Havana. As the team tries to contest the election, thexboxlucio runs back toward the group, providing some advanced healing as they begin running from the castle to the wall of the building. After starting the race, they turn around, jumping up to the top of the wall in the process. When they fly straight off the wall, they accelerate themselves, moving faster in the air as they get closer to their target.

How to use beets correctly From

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The impressive Lucio play then gets even better, as the player is directly on top of enemy Pharaoh. As the Rocket Queen hovers in the sky, thexboxlucio activates the sound barrier. Lucio slides downhill as usual, though the end of his sonic amplifier doesn’t hit Pharaoh directly in the head, with the damage killing the hero immediately. Not only is it extremely rare to see it hitting the sound barrier, but the fact that thexboxlucio was able to get one in mid-air and on Firah is truly spectacular.

With over 13,000 upvotes in the day since it was posted, overwatch The community has been blown away by the clip. According to Thexboxlucio, they were trying to pull off a similarly ridiculous drama by climbing a palm tree to reach Pharaoh, the clip being their second attempt. It may at best be that this first attempt didn’t work, however, so it’s hard to imagine a scenario where it was more impressive than the drama shown.

With players likely unable to recreate the moment if they tried, Farah as an enemy must be in the right position for the Lucio player to hit with a beat drop, the play being special. While many more great Lucio clips will surely be shared in the future, it will be hard to top when it comes to sound barrier kills.

overwatch Now available on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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