overwatch Includes a large cast of playable characters, with various abilities to use in combat. Among these unique heroes is a tank weapon armed with a powerful particle cannon. Because of this oversized weapon and his distinctive pink hair and large blue armor, he is very recognizable on the battlefield. However, some fans believe that this classic look of the character could be about to change.

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Recently, Issue 3 new blood Digital series of comics released, giving fans a look at the recruiting of some heroes overwatch, While this new issue focused on the support class hero known as Baptiste, some fans believed that this new piece of media did more than just add to the lore of the franchise. He suspected that it has teased a new design for Zaria which could be showcased in the upcoming overwatch 2,


Interestingly, Zaria was not featured in this most recent edition new blood Humor. However, previewing the next issue, a sketch of him standing beside Cole Cassidy was seen on the last page. what made this image remarkable overwatch Fans were that it gave a new look to Zaria. His previous short haircut and blue armor were gone. Instead, she wore a heavy winter coat and had long hair, which she pulled back into a ponytail.

Might Zaria’s Overwatch 2 Looks From the End of Latest Comic From

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After the release of this new issue of new blood Many fans took to Reddit to discuss this latest look from the comic, Zaria. Some fans liked the new outfit, commenting that the ponytail and coat were an improvement over the current design. overwatch, Others noted that Cassidy’s look in the image was his overwatch 2 design, suggesting that it may be overwatch 2 Also design for Zarya.

It is worth noting that Activision Blizzard has not confirmed that this picture of Zaria is a new design for them. overwatch 2, With that in mind, it can prove to be no relation. However, with several characters already receiving redesigns, such as Sombra and Bastian, it looks like this could be a tease of what Zaria might look like in a future sequel.

Unfortunately, there’s no telling when players will know for sure whether this new look of Zaria will be featured in the upcoming game. Currently, players continue to wait for more news about the development status overwatch 2, While there’s no word on when the game will eventually release, perhaps this new artwork for Zarya means she could be next to appear in a character overview trailer.

overwatch 2 Currently in development.

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