overwatch Fans have mastered the heroes over the years, finding everything from the most effective combos with Doomfist to just the right distance to push someone with a Reinhardt pin. now one overwatch The player has performed a DVA move that many players may not be aware of, and this can prove useful in some situations.

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Given that DVA is one of the most popular overwatch Heroes When it comes to pick rates, any trick the player can learn is going to be worthwhile when it comes to his kit. As an off-tank, dealing damage is as important as absorbing it, giving a potential boost to that damage output is a big deal. While it’s not game-changing and will rarely result in more kills, the ability to double DVA’s damage when using his melee attack can help the hero weaken enemies a bit faster.


The trick was spotlighted by YouTuber McMagicMarv, and it sees players executing two melee attacks in rapid succession. The Key to Success DVA Self-destruction is ultimate. When players are about to trigger the explosion, they can initiate melee attacks. DVA’s mech hand will hit the enemy before entering the countdown animation, and as DVA exits, she can once again melee to deal some damage with the butt of her gun. This quick move deals 60 damage instead of 30 while still giving the DVA time to get away.

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This extra damage might not be of much help against a heavy tank like Reinhardt, but it could make all the difference against someone with low health like Zenyata. This trick can be even more effective when promoting D.Va. It might be worth the performance when Enya’s Nanoboost is running low, or when Orisa’s supercharger is attached to a mech-wearing tank. Boosting mercy damage can also be beneficial, making this quick double melee even more effective.

If DVA fans use a minimum of moves, focusing primarily on eliminating weak enemies or softening enemies for another teammate, making it a great addition to a player’s arsenal. needed. The big downside to this is that it requires a D.Va mech to drop it directly in front of enemies, so players may prefer to use their self-destruct in a less obvious way. However, in high-level play where DVA Ultimates is likely to be blocked easily, this trick can be a great way to catch some members of the enemy team off guard.

It will be interesting to see how the DVA is converted from off-tank to main tank to fit overwatch 2of 5v5 format. In its current form, she is used frequently, tricks like this showing how much time some players have spent testing her abilities.

overwatch Now available on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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