overwatch Known for its creative library of gorgeous skins and Blizzard has released even more as part of this year’s Halloween Terror event. Not only this overwatch Players also get access to eight new chilling skins, making their return to a wealth of previously released horror skins, such as Junkenstein’s Revenge and Junkenstein’s endless multiplayer mode. uploaded a new trailer overwatchIts official social media channels show off new skins, some challenges gamers will face, and some time-limited unlockable rewards.

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The “Overwatch Seasonal Event | Halloween Terror 2021” video draws heavily from oldschool direct-to-video horror movies, its presentation leaning into cheap effects and cheesy scares. The trailer puts a spotlight on new Halloween skins like Vampire Hunter Brigitte, who is the apparent protagonist of the event.


In the video, the incident is presented as a trailer for a horror B-movie titled “Junkenstein’s Revenge 6: The Zomnic Huntress”. Vampire Hunter Brigitte as Titanic Huntress, with Drager Reinhardt appearing as Drager Captain, Satir Lucio as Satir King, Coffin Bastian as Count Coffin, and Vampire Bat Echo as Bat Queen are visible in. The trailer further announces that a variety of special guests will also appear — namely, other Halloween skins that were featured at previous events.

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The trailer features several example animations and Halloween skins, as well as several examples of gameplay footage from 2021. overwatch Halloween event. The video highlights the event’s three weekly challenges, the first of which will be available from October 12 to 19, the second from October 19-26, and the third from October 26 to November 2. Each weekly challenge will reward players with icons. Spray, and Epic Skins for Skeleton Genji, Einherger Zaria, and Clown Roadhog.

As of writing, it appears that overwatch Fans are excited about the new Halloween skins. Two conversations on the original YouTube video expressed excitement for the new Skeleton Genji and Satir Lucio skins, while another applauded the decision to present the trailer as an old VHS tape, a brief glimpse of the Christmas skins. As if another tape had been recorded. up. However, several other users complained about the return of Junkenstein’s Revenge, apparently hoping that overwatch Will give fans a new Halloween event instead.

overwatch Now available on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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