As Diwali approaches, overwatch Halloween is celebrating the spooky season with a new edition of Terror Event. Ever since the game came back in 2016, overwatch Known for its collection of seasonal event skins, especially for Halloween. While the developers have released skins for many different heroes in past events, some of the most iconic skins belong to Mercy.

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Part of the original cast of heroes, Mercy is a support character. While his Caduceus Blaster fails to produce much damage, his Team Utility makes him a viable pick. Using her Caduceus staff, she can heal teammates. However, his staff also has offensive abilities as it can increase the DPS output for a member of his team. In addition, she can revive fallen players using her resurrection ability. Even though these abilities won’t earn many gold medals for elimination, they make Mercy a popular pick for many teams. Recently, a fan decided to create new concept art for the character, re-imagining the support hero as a famous villain.


In a Reddit post, a user thanva3427 shared the concept art for the new Halloween skin for Mercy. One of the more unique aspects of this new skin was that the artist based the design on the Joker from DC Comics. In the new design for Mercy, the creator incorporated elements of the Joker’s iconic look, such as red, white and blue face paint. In addition, this new skin concept gave Mercy a red jacket, with a yellow and green shirt underneath. The artist also copied one of the poses made by the Joker in the 2019 film.

Ideas for Halloween skin. From

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NS overwatch The community on Reddit has noticed this concept art for the Halloween Mercy skin from Thanva3427. With over 5,000 upvotes, fans rejoiced in this new look of the healer. Many liked the color combination used by the artist, noting that it reflects the look of the Joker. Others commented that they wanted to see the artist create a Joker skin for Junkrat.

In addition to this new skin concept from Thanva3427, other fans are creating Halloween-inspired designs for overwatch Pot. Recently another artist designed the outfit of the Vampire Queen for Mercy. In addition, a Halloween-themed Mercy skin is already in the game. During the Halloween Terror event, players can pick up the 2016 Witch Skin for Support Hero.

It’s exciting when creative fans decide to give the community a different look at familiar characters they might not have seen otherwise. It will be interesting to see if Thanwa3427 makes more skins for it overwatch Heroes based on other DC Comics characters.

overwatch Now available on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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