overwatch It is currently undergoing a major transformation. overwatch 2 Currently in development and taking longer than expected. Remaining Developers On overwatch Online multiplayer is torn between focusing on FPS and experimenting with balance for the new game, and all is ready. overwatch To close and finally to close. Two recent balance changes capture the difficult situation that Blizzard is currently in, with Dev responding to buffs’ complaints to Moira and Reinhardt.

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The two buffs in question may seem small, but in practice there are dramatic power-shifting adjustments. Moira Buff adjusts his Fed so that he can reach great heights. The Reinhardt buff adjusts its Earthshaker’s ultimate ability, adding 200 additional damage if it hits within 1.75 meters of impact. As for Moira, he is now able to reach previously inaccessible areas on almost every map, and quickly too. As for Reinhardt, he is capable of one-hitting few champions with proper positioning.


There have been constant complaints about these changes since the patch. In part, this is frustration after a separate bug involving Hanzo that was fixed in a patch was redirected toward these new changes. Vocal overwatch Players believe they have moved both Moira and Reinhardt to a very strong, dramatic overwatchThe current meta. The fact that updates are rare and the meta shift has been slow so far only compounded the issue.

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Andibe responds to complaints

Blizzard Still Communicates overwatchHowever, the wind of development is blowing. It saw criticism surrounding the changes and issued a statement on the official Blizzard forums. Blizzard says it knows that “some of these changes will lead to a lot of conversation,” and further confirms that it knew it would “shake the meta a bit.” Blizzard says it is monitoring the situation and responding overwatch Team. At the moment there is no explanation for the change in plans or confirmation of any adjustments.

If Blizzard knew these changes would rock the meta and be controversial, Blizzard fans are left wondering why it chose these buffs. Again, the complex state of the answer is likely to be tied to overwatch, Changes, although controversial, attract attention overwatch, even while testing the fast-paced gameplay overwatch 2 Looks like Blizzard is aiming.

It will be exciting to see where Blizzard goes with the rest of the time overwatch, It could of course listen to player feedback and re-adjust Moira and Reinhardt, or it could lean into new meta and replace other characters with similar ones. If overwatch Will only be for a year or two, why not have some fun with the time left?

overwatch Now available on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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