overwatch Fans have come up with some memorable hero concepts over the years, designing the characters they want to see in the memorable universe Blizzard created. an artistic overwatch The player has done something different, however, as they have created new heroes using the characteristics of some existing ones.

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In general, overwatch Hero concepts fall into one of two categories. At first from the lore minor characters are made into proper heroes, with players sharing moveset concepts for figures such as Maximilian and Junker Queen. In addition to coming up with in-game abilities for background characters, clever players have designed completely original heroes. These characters have their own looks, stories and kits. Interestingly, Reddit user Sylvaurr has combined both of these genres for their intriguing “fusion heroes.”


while the heroes designed by overwatch The players are original, they use parts of Mercy, Moira and Mei in their designs. Along with the concepts, the fan has shared some gorgeous artworks of their heroes that can be seen Here, The first of these hybrid characters combine Moira and Mercy to form a four-armed hero called Panacea. Her clothes are a mix between the outfits of the two characters, and she has Moira’s red hair with Mercy’s halo. Her abilities work mostly like Moira’s, though she can glide and use her additional weapons to boost damage and heal her allies.

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The next concept is Genesis, a hybrid hero that combines Mercy and Echo. The Echo’s high-tech body forms a sleek white suit, while Mercy’s blonde hair and her angelic theme are retained in the concept art. A visor covers her face, while her wings are a perfect mix of Echo and Mercy. Genesis produces an improved version of the Cadius Staff, with weapons healing and damaging at the same time. He is also more mobile due to the advanced wingspan, although he will lack the resurrection ability. The Redditor mentions that she’d be even more optimistic than Tracer, a clear distinction as to Panacea’s toughness.

rounding up the list overwatch Creations Resonance, Eco and Moira are hybrids. The suit combines white, black and purple for a memorable color scheme, while a brown-haired Moira is seen with a mask that resembles Echo’s face. According to Silvaur’s breakdown, the character would be humorous and curious but not necessarily evil. She will also play as Baptiste according to her producer, suffering serious damage to a supporting character.

Silvaur put so much effort into the art for his characters, as well as some of the ideas clearly going into his original characters. overwatch Vidya, it’s no surprise that this post has garnered over 4,000 upvotes. While these hybrid heroes will never be official, fans deserve all the praise they are getting for their hard work.

overwatch Now available on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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