Oxenfree II: Lost Signals is much more than a “part two”

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When you return to your childhood home, or back to the park where you used to go to college, is it the same experience you originally had? They are the same place, and for your information, they look exactly the same. But now that you have more experience, you’re wiser (hopefully), and possibly a little grey, rereading old premise will always be different.

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that’s it Night School Studio taken into account for the sequel of oxenfree, aptly named Oxenfree II: Lost Signal. The developers held a preview event to show off small bits of the upcoming game and talk about its themes and what it’s like going back to a game world they initially had no intention of returning.

Riley and Jacob underground.

went home

While watching a hands-off preview for the upcoming indie game, I got to see the island where the story will take place, as well as the game’s two main characters: Riley and Jacob, the former of which is playable. Right off the bat, the beauty of the game will be instantly familiar to anyone who had experience with the original oxenfree. However, the developers added a lot of subtle changes to the game to make it feel more modern and different. The parallax scrolling in the background leads to more cinematic moves through the island. The attention to detail in the environment itself and the introduction of a radio communicator that allows Riley to talk to various people on the island also help change the thread. let all these aspects lost signal Be your own game on your own terms.


When thinking about making a sequel, Night School Studios didn’t want the original game’s cast to become the “Scooby-Doo Gang” and travel to solve various paranormal mysteries. The characters and stories did not have to be the same, although the main pillars of the earlier oxenfree Will see in its sequel. The Oxenfree series is a coming-of-age story for the characters at a pivotal point in their lives, with extraordinary creepiness and some strange things sprinkled along the way. This is true in the sequel, even with its tweaks.

Dialog options in Oxenfree II.

Instead of following Alex and the other characters from the first game, lost signal Mainly relays will follow. She is unique compared to Alex and the other members of her group in that she is not a child, but is actually in her 30s. Throughout the game, Riley will have a unique perspective on the events going on around her, as she is not the bright-eyed child seeing things for the first time. He has experience under his belt, which allows him to look back on his life to determine where he should go from here.

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It’s something the developers really wanted to focus on: having characters who are going through transitional parts of their lives make important decisions. It’s a rich vein to me, and the developers want players to be in a position to make important choices during their playthroughs. Riley helps with this by already being a full grown man who is going through his second major life change. Even if the player doesn’t have the full context, his choices and actions are weighed by his past.

Media sequels can usually feel like something that can be stapled onto the original, such as an expansion or literal “part two.” However, Night School Studios wants the sequel to be an expansion or an addition, its own stand-alone story, even though the foundation is solidly built by the original game. It may sound very similar at times, but with the benefit of time and experience, it will feel like an origin story in its own right.

Oxenfree 2: Lost Signal It’s set to launch sometime in 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

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