The still ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has had some interesting effects on people’s media diet. While some shy away from media depicting global disease outbreaks, 2020 saw a renewed interest in games, shows and films dealing with that topic. This includes popular mobile games such as Plague Inc. and cooperative board games global pandemic,

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Thus, some people may be surprised to find a digital version of global pandemic Disappearing from online storefronts. Reddit users noted its absence from Steam and the App Store today, with developer Asmodee Digital confirming the game’s removal.


It appears that Reddit users are among the first to raise questions about bad_boy_barry Epidemic Removal from Steam, App Store and Google Play. He emailed the developer’s customer support and received an official confirmation of the game’s removal from all three platforms. In addition, Asmodee revealed plans to pull the game from the Xbox storefront on July 31 and switch “at the end of July.” So, if someone wants to raise global pandemic On any platform, it seems now is the last chance to do so. Notably, the Xbox/PC version is currently free for Game Pass subscribers.

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To clarify, whoever owns global pandemic can still play. Asmodee’s email also indicates that players can still download it from their Steam, App Store, and Google Play libraries. However, removing it means that Pandemic will not get any updates in the future. This is especially a problem for Android and iOS players, as future OS updates may eventually make it unplayable.

Naturally, the biggest question is why Asmody decided to pull the popular tabletop game from digital storefronts. Unfortunately, the company email isn’t much helpful in that regard. According to the seemingly automatic response, “this decision was made with a heavy heart for a number of reasons that we cannot disclose.” Naturally, fans weren’t satisfied with the studio’s cryptic response, leading to speculation as to what these reasons might be.

One possibility is that Asmody is trying to show sensitivity to the COVID-19 pandemic. Back in 2020, board game publisher Z-Man Games postponed future editions pandemic legacy For exactly that reason. However, players can still purchase physical copies of global pandemic and its various byproducts. Also, if this is the reason, then the question arises as to why Asmodi didn’t pull out the digital version. global pandemic at any time in the last two years.

Another hypothesis suggests that Asmody intends to replace it with a new all-inclusive version. caton universe, If so, it will create a single app for global pandemic, its extensions, and byproducts such as Heritage, hot zone, And fall of rome, However, this may be wishful thinking, as Asmodi Digital is yet to announce any such project.

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