paper mario There has always been one of Nintendo’s more unique sub-franchises, featuring Titanic the Plumber. The series features a highly recognizable art style, which gives the impression of using tactile materials to create a unique-feeling world. While the games are undoubtedly created digitally, a dedicated fan decided to bring paper mario Come to life in an impressive stop-motion animation.

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Nintendo’s long run paper mario The franchise recently celebrated its 20th anniversary in North America. America’s official Nintendo Twitter account marked the occasion by posting the box art of the original Nintendo 64 title, and a comment section filled with thousands of gamer’s favorite memories of the series over the past two decades.


Located on the subreddit r/mario, a user with the handle u/alexito_xd posted his impressive stop-motion animation video of Mario interacting with Goomba. While the clip is very short, clocking in at just four seconds, the production is at nearly professional quality. The clip begins with Mario walking in frame, which perfectly matches his usual walking animation, including piles of dust from his shoes. Once next to the Goomba, he then performs a basic jump attack, in which the Goomba not only crumbles, but also has the star effect involved.

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Although the video is short, Reddit users have been quick to praise and praise the stop-motion animator, with comments like “it’s super impressive” and “fantastic.” The video features crumpling and star effects, which suggests they may have taken inspiration from the series’ latest entry. Paper Mario: The Origami King. Gamers have been somewhat divided on the title, with some appreciating its revamped aspects and others wanting the series to return to its more traditional RPG roots. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

While the stop-motion animation video is certainly impressive, it’s not the only creative thing fans are doing. paper mario. A fan recently went viral for his inventive proof-of-concept video showing what it would look like Mario Kart Received paper mario Treatment. The video includes its own game introduction, character selection screen, and more. Race footage, showing only Mario on the track, expertly simulates what it would look like using a racing title paper mariovisual property.

with full attention paper mario The stop-motion animation video is getting fans hoping it will make more of them. while the original paper mario The title has been “trapped” on its original console, which has recently changed. Thanks to the recently announced expansion of Nintendo Switch Online, gamers can play the original paper mario On the service in addition to a whole host of other classics.

Future Paper Mario titles may stray beyond the RPG genre

Despite shouting from fans for a return to traditional RPG mechanics, the series creator of Paper Mario claims the team still wants to try out new ideas.

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