While some games, such as among usIt took some time to become a viral hit, phasmophobia took off almost immediately. Game streamers flock to the title just in time for Halloween 2020, drawing attention to the game and propelling it to become a smash hit. While many people are still enjoying phasmophobiaIn this, some competition may start from next year.

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an upcoming ghost hunting title by the name of paranormal hunter has been declared. The co-op game is being developed by EALoGames, for which the dev teams are members shenmue And Shin Megami Tensei working on it.


A brief teaser trailer has been released for paranormal hunter, giving players a glimpse of what kind of horror awaits them when the game hits early access in the second quarter of 2022. Up to four players can participate in Ghost Hunting, with the aid of various paranormal artifacts and tools to help spot – or drive by – ghosts.

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like phasmophobia, paranormal hunter The PC will let players choose between playing on the screen, or putting on a VR headset to go all-out horror. Cross-play between the two gaming genres will also be available, so friends without a VR headset aren’t left out. The game will also be coming to consoles, however, with PS4, PS5 and Switch versions planned. At the moment, there are no plans to include PSVR from the PlayStation 4, but the PS5 PSVR headset currently in development may be a different matter, whenever it comes out.

At the moment, it’s unclear whether players are setting out to destroy the vengeful spirits, or simply to document and escape them, such as phasmophobia, However, it is noted that players will have to contend with closed doors and blocked passageways, so exploring the environment for equipment and puzzle solving can come into play.

it will be interesting to see if phasmophobia And paranormal hunter May coexist, or if one overtakes the other. whereas phasmophobia Not as overly popular as it was a year ago, the game is still receiving regular content updates that introduce new locations and spirits encounters. It recently received a Halloween update, and it is speculated that a phasmophobia There will also be a Christmas update in the near future. Although players will likely experience a new spooky, it will be important paranormal hunter To launch with enough content to keep players engaged.

While some major studios continue to produce AAA horror games, such as with Capcom Resident Evil VillageSmall game developers are also working hard to bring horror to the players’ consoles and PCs. amid the recent return of fatal Frame to the west, such as the title got us wrong am bringing Silent Hill come back to life, and now paranormal hunterFor the horror game enthusiasts, there should be a lot to enjoy going forward.

paranormal hunter It is expected to release in Early Access in the second quarter of 2022.

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