Patient monitoring startup Doccla secures $3.3M seed funding for ‘virtual wards’ platform

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dokla, a healthtech startup that can monitor patients in hospital wards and at home, has secured a $3.3 million seed funding round led by Giant Ventures and Speedinvest. The company allows hospitals to predict when beds will be freed by monitoring patients remotely through wearable medical devices, thus helping to reduce bottlenecks in the system.

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Founded by health entrepreneur, Martin Ratz, and tech entrepreneur, Dag Larsen, Docla says it has saved “thousands of bed days for the NHS”, leading to a 29% reduction in emergency admissions and 20% in A&E attendance. has decreased, the company claimed.

Doccla is similar to competitors Current Health, Huma and Cadence. The latter recently raised $41 million in funding from Thrive and General Catalyst. The company provides a remote patient monitoring platform that enables clinicians to monitor patients at home and provide personalized feedback via text and ‘video visits’. Doccla says it can even measure patients at home.


The cash raised will be used to invest in its technology and integrate it with medical wearables and journal record systems. It also plans to expand into European health markets.

Once again, as we have seen with other technologies, Dokla’s development was driven by the pandemic. It turned out that such technologies were needed for overwhelmed hospitals to create ‘virtual wards’ so that patients’ travel could be monitored both in the hospital and when they came home.

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Dag Larsen, CEO and co-founder of Docla, said. “Our end-to-end virtual ward services are extremely easy for the care provider and extremely difficult for them to ignore. The NHS is now facing a challenging winter season and we are developing our technology to support care providers.”

He continued: “We are very different from the competition in that we support the entire patient journey (eg all last-mile activities like logistics, customer service and even pre-configured mobile phones). It has given us a fair amount of punch on our weight and achieved contracts with extremely high patient and physician approvals.”

Cameron McLean, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Giant Ventures, said: “Docla provides a critical solution to a stressful healthcare system, providing a product that improves the patient experience and tackles costs.”

Felix Faltin, Principal and Digital Health Lead at SpeedInvest, said, “Docla’s platform is more than a product, it is a full-stack solution that makes care delivery more efficient for providers, cheaper for payers, and more efficient for patients. Safer for longer, longer COVID-19.”

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