Paying for a Sky Glass TV is already way too confusing

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The all-new Sky Glass is being billed as a powerful 4K TV to bear Sky’s excellent programming and hardware expertise – to access the broadcaster’s vast content without a satellite dish or additional set-top box Necessary. With the simplicity of its hardware, it appears to offer a ‘no fuss’ solution for customers who want to return to their favorite shows and movies and relax.

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However, Sky Glass’s plethora of pricing options make the best deal a confusing mess. Even once you have literally hundreds of options to choose from, you’ll probably have to spend hours figuring out which combination of channel and programming is right for you—with varying costs.

unclear? so are we.

How Many Sky Glass Packages Are There?


Firstly the pricing is fairly simple. For Sky Glass TVs, you’ll find that each model offers two pricing options: either contract or one-time payment. But here’s our first snag because you can actually get a contract in 48 months or 24 months – actually giving you three options per TV.

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Unless you have a specific model size in mind, that means you’ll have to weigh nine different pricing options. It’s not too bad, but that’s just for the hardware. If you want Sky Glass TV, you’ll also need to buy a Sky TV subscription.

The most basic option here is the ‘Sky Ultimate TV’ bundle which brings together Sky’s entertainment channels and TV boxsets with a Netflix subscription. You’ll need it no matter what, but it’s a far cry from what Sky has to offer.

Sports fans will probably want to upgrade with the Sky Sports package, and you might want to consider BT Sports for even more content. Movie lovers will also want to consider Sky Cinema and a Disney Plus add-on to have a huge library of movies at their fingertips. And if you have kids running around in your house, you’ll want to keep them entertained with Sky Kids.

Lastly if you want to enjoy Sky’s own content in 4K (the same resolution as the display you just bought) you’ll also need to pay extra for the UHD add-on.

Thanks to those six possible additional options, you’ll be faced with 64 unique combinations of packages (which doesn’t include choosing any add ons) to spice up your regular ‘Sky Ultimate TV’ bundle.

Simple and confusing all at once

If you had no clue what size Sky Glass TV you want, how you’re going to pay for it, nor which Sky TV package would best suit your needs, you’ll need to compare 576 different options.

This doesn’t mean hidden costs, such as the fast-forwarding set of ads included for free for the first 12 months of owning, but starts charging you £5 for the privilege after that.

Now, anyone who uses Sky’s bundles and packages will have a better idea than most channels, and with a firm budget in mind, it will be most of the work of deciding when to add add-ons. have to close.

But for a product designed to simplify home entertainment, it looks like the benefits of all-in-one hardware are being undercut by a convoluted jumble of payment options — which Sky had before it actually got off the ground. There could be a threat to Glass’s success. .

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