Twitch, the streaming platform of choice for some of the most popular streaming celebrities online today, was recently hacked. This resulted in a massive leak of earnings for Twitch streamers including AsmGold and xQc.

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Its effects are not yet fully known, but it is soon becoming clear that they go further than initially thought. Streamers feel more exposed and some have denied that the figures revealed as to their Twitch salaries are accurate. But troubled fans and upset streamers may soon be among Twitch’s problems, at least if the results of the recent development hack are any indication.


Look, the leak didn’t just include information about streamers’ salaries, it also included Twitch’s source code. This may or may not have been the cause of Twitch’s recent trouble, but it seems more than likely that it contributed. That trouble is the excess of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, especially his image has been put where it shouldn’t be. A distinctive image of Bezos that can only be described as a Pogchamp face was placed in the background of several game pages, blown up in large proportions instead of the regular images there.

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As of this article, it is not known why this was done, although it appears to have been just a joke. No individual or organization has taken credit for the prank, and for now it seems that all Bezos images have been removed from Twitch. Whether they will return or be replaced by other joke images is uncertain. Twitch said a change in server configuration led to the hack, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be hacked again. As mentioned above, with the source code in the wild, this will now be easier than ever.

Fortunately for Twitch users, credit card information is not stored on the site, and Twitch insists that this information is secure. Of course, the platform itself could be at risk, as future hacks may not be as benign as this one. With TwitchCon planning to take place in person, it was clear that Twitch unfortunately felt more secure, but that is no longer likely to happen.

Since the average user can’t do anything to anticipate the hack beyond changing their password and enabling two-factor authentication, most should just wait and expect no more hacks. After all, revealing Amazon’s vapor prematurely isn’t worth the damage a hack can do to many people’s livelihoods.

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