Pitch Deck Teardown: $2.5M Glambook Starter Deck

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There are about 250With 000 hair and beauty professionals working across the UK, Glambook wants to be the sharing economy platform that takes care of them.

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Company recently raised $2.5 million at a $12 million valuation.and I managed to get her to let me share the presentation with you to see how the company takes its story to investors.

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Slides in this deck

Glambook increased their investment with a 19-slide deck and they agreed to share it with us in full:

  1. cover slide
  2. Problem slide
  3. “Unrevealed for some reason” – Opportunity Slide
  4. Decision slide
  5. value proposition slide
  6. “People love our product” – product review slide
  7. market slide
  8. Address market slide
  9. Traction slide
  10. “Why now” timing slide
  11. Positioning slide
  12. business model slide
  13. Market launch slide
  14. road map slide
  15. Slide “Social Impact”
  16. Command slide
  17. “Here is our story” – slide “Why us”
  18. Summary slide
  19. contact slide

Three things to love

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For a young company, Glambook has many advantages – it is gaining momentum and operating in an interesting market. The biggest challenge the company has to overcome is convincing investors that this is a market that really needs a technological upgrade. And it does a damn good job.

Here are three things that work particularly well:


Traction slide

[Slide 9] Thrust: If you have it, you will be giggling all the way to the bank. Image credits: Glambook

Is your team terrible? Is your product garbage? What is your market niche? I’m not saying any of these things apply to the Glambook, but in general it doesn’t matter if you have cravings.

Almost every question can be answered: “Maybe this is stupid, but look at the numbers. It works!” Actually, the question is why does it work, and can you keep it running, even on a large scale.

For a relatively small $2.5 million round, having 20,000 clients in 38 countries is impressive. (Although I also note that the most important traction metrics—how sticky is it? How many orders are completed? How much revenue is generated?—are missing.)

The story that Glambook is selling here is that “Things are changing and we’re right where it’s happening” and it’s the perfect place for an early-stage startup.

More importantly, saying that subscription sales happen without taking into account monthly or yearly recurring revenue is not a good story. I’m impressed with the number of countries and the number of professionals on this slide, but I also want to know the number of clients and the cost of the subscription. The absence of these figures immediately makes me suspicious.

But that’s aside. The company shows real, measurable, important figures. The takeaway here is: if your company has them, show them off proudly. Why? Venture capital investors invest in high-risk ventures. Any thrust—and any progress—goes a long way toward demonstrating that the business is at least partially risk-free.

Like I said, if you have cravings, you do something right and what something one way or another can turn into a good company.

high tide

[Slide 10] The tide lifts all boats. Image Credits: Glambook

Glambook uses this slide to tell the story of how the market has evolved. In 2019, 54% of barbers and barbers were self-employed, and by 2020 this figure has risen to 60%.

I would love to have a chart showing this data even further back in time for a longer period of time so that I can see more trends, but there is definitely something powerful going on in this market. The story that Glambook is selling here is that “Times are changing and we’re right where they’re changing” which is the perfect place for an early stage startup.

If you can weave macroeconomics and major social change into your presentation and show how you benefit from it, you are potentially a winner.

This slide is titled Why Now, but I think it goes hand in hand with another slide titled Unresolved Reason. I’ll get into that later, but suffice it to say that with this deck, the company is signaling some of its biggest issues without offering a 100% satisfying answer.

“This market is bigger than you think”

Huge market opportunities

[Slide 7] Huge opportunity. Image Credits: Glambook

Most of the time, you will be offered venture capital by companies in industries and markets that you are not very familiar with. In this case, I had to sit with it for a bit.

Cosmetologists, hairdressers and barbers – is this a big enough market to build a business empire around it? The UK has a population of 67 million or so, so if these numbers are correct, the hair and beauty business employs around 1,400 people. This should mean that about 4% of the UK population work as beauticians, hairdressers and barbers.

Just as a test of intuition, this sounds a little arrogant to me, but a quick google search brings up the article the company cites on this slide, which seems to confirm these figures. This is exciting, not least because several searches have also failed to turn up a clear market leader in this area. Can Glambook become such a market leader?

The presentation here is a bit off-focused: Glambook is a Berlin-based company that uses a lot of statistics from the UK and also says it has customers in 38 countries (I’ll also get to that in a moment). The important part of this particular slide is to illustrate that there is a huge market that is ripe for a breakout.

As an investor, this is what makes me lean forward and pay more attention.

For the rest of this breakdown, we’ll look at three things that Glambook could do better or do differently, as well as its full presentation!

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