In 2016, Platinum Games Chairman Tatsuya Minami stepped down and Executive Director Kenichi Sato took over the role. More than five years have been eventful, to say the least, for the game developer and publisher. including games Near: Automata, micro chain, The Wonderful 101: Remastered, And world of demons Many more to come in 2022 have since been released. Sato, it seems, is satisfied with the Platinum status, and has now announced himself that he will step down.

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Similar to Minami’s departure from Platinum, Sato stepped down from his position as chairman and CEO a month ago, only now to publicly confirm the leadership change. Sato is boldly resigning from his role at the company, issuing a public statement detailing a number of key decisions he has seen at the company. These achievements include the formation of a capital alliance with Tencent, the launch of the new Platinum Games Tokyo studio, and the initial development and publication of Platinum’s own IP.


Sato confirmed that he is not leaving the company altogether at the moment, but plans to remain part of Platinum in an advisory role. This type of transition to leading roles in companies is common, although Sato is unlikely to have a serious role in Platinum going forward. He will be available only when necessary for questions or transitional work.

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Sato’s replacement as President of Platinum Games is Atsushi Inaba, the founder and lead producer. Inaba has served as a producer on projects including the original Phoenix Wright Trilogy on Capcom, okami And hand of god Some of Platinum’s biggest projects, including Clover, and upcoming Bayonetta 3, Inaba will carry on Sato’s message of focusing on expanded and accelerated game development, with his “skill in the creative side of the game” being a key factor in his dominance for Platinum Games’ presidency.

In a statement, Inaba describes how playing video games “connects us, liberates us,” regardless of our backgrounds, languages ​​or experiences. He does not set any specific direction or goals for the future, but does say that Platinum will continue to self-publish.

What this means for Platinum going forward remains to be seen. The change comes as a significant surprise, especially with three games planned to launch in 2022. development of maybe sun crest, fall of babylon, And Bayonetta 3 The Platinum revealed the issues within that the new leadership would better deal with going forward. All fans can look forward to these games and continue platinum Development is progressing.

Source: Platinum Games

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