Development of fall of babylon, the Square Enix-published action game created by PlatinumGames, has been a journey. so clear, though fall of babylon largely absent from the public eye between 2018 and 2021. fall of babylonRe-emerging in 2021 shows that action games are closer to being a reality than ever before. Still, it looks like Platinum still has some major plans ahead of the game’s launch. In a brief development update, Platinum showed how the team is working to improve fall of babylonscenes of.

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Platinum shared a short video on the official Twitter account of fall of babylon Which gives a brief overview of the planned changes to the studio for the action game. The video shows the same before and after changes to the Platinum, with a slider swapping between the two. Shows a heavy-duty painting style for the scene in “Step 2” fall of babylon, in which many elements appear to be hand painted. The “Phase 3” update trades much of that graphical style for better details and a more traditional video game presentation.


In the description provided with Platinum’s video, the studio says that the graphics are being changed to “improve readability”. Platinum says it is doing so while still working to maintain fall of babylonof “unique oil painting style.” In terms of legibility, the style of the update is certainly clear. How much of the oil painting style has been retained is a different topic entirely.

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Judging by the reactions on Twitter, the change from Platinum ends up being almost unanimously positive. some answers say fall of babylon Now looking more candid and attractive, others say they feel it is a more balanced approach to the painting style. The harshest critics describe the old style as “PS1” and equate the updated visuals to comparison. monster Hunter The recent release of the franchise on PC.

Of course, there are some who prefer the old style. fall of babylonscenes of. One Twitter user says, “Keeping up the style? Style is dead,” adding that the video originally shows fall of babylon With its painterly filter on and off. While this may be an extreme way to describe it, it is hard to argue that the change is not dramatic.

It’s a shame though, for Platinum to attempt a more stylistic rendition. fall of babylon While that hasn’t been popular, it’s great that the team was able to change their presentation so quickly in a way that it’s more widely appealing. there’s still a good amount of that painterly style on the edge of fall of babylon. Now the stylish action game just has to persuade players, its gameplay loop is worth the investment.

fall of babylon In development for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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