As digital games become more readily available with regular discounts, some gamers choose to buy digitally, but that’s reportedly not the case with PlayStation fans. Sony released PS5 A year ago and according to a recent report, PS5 owners prefer boxing games than physical ones.

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Global sales data is tracking PS5 sales from launch in November 2020 to the end of August 2021, as well as physical and digital copies of games sold. The data searched by is compiled from sales of physical games in 23 countries and sales of digital games from 49 countries. All major publishers are represented in this report, but some indie game publishers may be excluded from the report.


Global sales data shows that physical copies still outperform digital games, with physical games accounting for 51% more copies sold than digital downloads during the PS5’s first ten months on the market. This trend of buying physical over digital has only skewed more in favor of physical games as more gamers are able to get their hands on the PS5, with November 2020 showing lower physical sales and August 2021 seeing an uptick in physical sales. Digital titles saw a significant increase in sales between December 2020 and January 2021, but physical titles still outperformed PS5 overall.

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PS5 owners who prefer to buy digitally look forward to the PlayStation Store’s Winter Sale to buy in bulk, according to global sales data. December and January both posted sales of 870,000 during these two months, a figure still less than the lowest performing retailer. Recent reports showed that March 2021 was the lowest point for retail game sales, with only 880,000 games sold during the month.

Although physical PS5 games continue to outperform their digital counterparts, global sales data reports show that November 2020 saw the opposite. Given the fact that PS5 was released in November 2020, this could be due to the availability of physical games such as bugsnacks Or Spider-Man: Miles Morales In stores, or just for the convenience of shopping digitally on the first day of owning a next-generation console. Global sales data shows that digital game downloads contributed 950,000 units compared to 840,000 physical game sales in November 2020.

December 2020 saw a major increase in overall PS5 game sales, with five retail titles sold for every four digital PS5 purchases. According to global sales data, the end of August had raised this figure to three physical game sales for every two digital games, giving physical games another edge over their digital counterparts. 10.14 million retail games sold PS5 Between the console’s launch and August 2021, digital games accounted for only 7.51 million in sales during the same time frame.

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