Sony has announced its next major update playstation 5 And it’s coming tomorrow. The update offers a slew of new features and options for people to customize their PS5.

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There have been only a handful of system updates for the PS5 since its launch last November. The most recent PS5 system update came last July, which didn’t, in fact, bring many new features to the table. In the inevitable update, the PS5 got a performance boost and not much else, sadly. However, the way things are looking, the upcoming update seems to make up for the shortcomings of the previous one.


Sony updated the PlayStation Blog this morning with news that a new PS5 update will be launching globally tomorrow. Hideki Nishino, senior vice president of platform experience at PlayStation, delivers the write-up of the update, listing the multitude of extras it’s packing. Starting with PS5 UX enhancements, players will be able to “more freely” customize which Control Center, as well as view and write messages directly from the game base. For users who have both PS4 and PS5 versions of certain games, this update will now show them separately in the “Install” tab, rather than stacking them both within a single game icon.

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With 6 new games coming to PlayStation Now this month, subscribers will be able to choose between 720p or 1080p for individual games and use the Connection Test Tool to see how well they’re streaming. can do. On the hardware side, the new update brings the technology of 3D audio used by many gaming headsets directly to the TV using the DualSense controller. Additionally, the M.2 SSD storage expansion will be officially available within this update, finally giving PS5 players the optimal route to expand the console’s default 1TB storage capacity. Finally, for players who are enjoying PS Remote Play, the new update allows streaming over cellular networks, no longer requiring a WiFi connection.

This is a pretty strong update from Sony, considering how little the previous ones were. It balances updating the console’s current features and options while also introducing new ones, not introducing too much or too little. That said, there are still many more PS5 features Sony should implement, from boosting performance (and offerings) to its backwards compatibility or more accurate playtime tracking. based on the schedule of playstation 5K updates may not happen for the next month or two, so until then, players should hold off on this update.

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