PlayStation PC ports started happening because Sony studios asked for it, Cory Barlog says

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According to Cory Barlog, the recent surge of PlayStation games coming to PC is thanks in large part to their creators asking Sony to do the same.

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Director of God of war talked to sports informer About the process of bringing God of War to PC four years after it first arrived on PS4. The interview touched on the topics of potentially changing the game’s content for this new release – which the developers quickly settled on – and how playing at 60 frames per second and ultra-widescreen will still have you kicking your butt off by the Valkyries. Kicking may help. Then GI asked why Sony decided to begin expanding its presence on PC after so many years of console exclusivity.

“I think it was the collective of the studio as a whole saying it was a really good idea. We should look into it,” Barlog explained. “Finally, I think it got to that crucial point. When we sent out so many suggestion box suggestions they were like, ‘I’m tired of hearing all this. Okay, we’ll do it.’ It’s a process. We’re still figuring it out as a company and as an individual studio, how to do it and what the process and strategy will be.”


Sony’s sharp transition to PC ports for first-party games began several years after the release of God of War, which leads to the next question as to whether this will mean a shorter wait for it. God of War: Ragnarok To make a single jump. Barlog admitted he had “no idea” if that would happen.

“Right now, we’re taking it one game at a time, looking at each one and determining, ‘Okay, is this the best thing?’ And we’ll assess how it does. Do people enjoy it? Did we do it right? Did we do something wrong? If we do it again, what can we do better in the future? But days In the end, after all, it’s Sony’s decision.”

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