September has seen several announcements from Sony recently. Play Station Display. Triple-A title during the event Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 And God of War: Ragnarok trailers were received, while several smaller games such as chia Got some attention. While the PlayStation Showcase is over, the announcements from Sony keep coming.

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Recently, a revealing trailer for the upcoming action-RPG Tarak was issued. The project is being developed by Acme Game Studios and tries to add some excitement to the traditional RPG formula. Founded in 2016, the Taiwan-based studio is relatively new and seeks to use new technologies to create the best possible gaming experience for players. Tarak PlayStation joins an impressive list of exclusives in production and is expected to arrive in 2022 with an upgraded version for PS5 coming to PS4 next spring.


Set in ancient Greece, this new 3D adventure has an art style reminiscent of Amar Fenix ​​Rising. According to game director Cheung Hsien Lin, some of the inspiration behind the design for the world came from ancient Rome and classical Greek architecture and art. In addition, the developers want to provide multiple areas in the game world, including a market, sewer, forest and deep moat filled with precious gems.

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The main character seen in the trailer is Hilda, a Northwind Legion warrior. The plot of the upcoming PlayStation game centers on the protagonist as he searches for his father amid the ruined landscape of Ephes, a city that has been cursed after its people recklessly used magic. During her journey, Hilda will have to fight several fierce enemy types as she tries to find out what happened to Ephes. Some of the creatures include werewolves, beasts, and Caledonian pigs, each with unique attacks.

In addition to the trailer showing off some battle mechanics, Cheng Hsien Lin also provided some more details about the battle in a blog post. According to the game director, the combat system for the game is directly tied to character progression, with players unlocking more options as they progress. In addition, as players progress through the game, they are able to choose between 6 different weapons: sword and shield, dual blade, spear, hammer, staff and magic bracelet.

Tarak It’s just one of several new games coming to PlayStation consoles in the coming months. game like deathloop And Kena: Bridge of Spirits will release this month, while other titles like Horizon Forbidden West Coming early next year. with exact release date Tarak Not yet confirmed, it will be interesting to see where this new action-RPG comes up in Sony’s packed list of upcoming releases.

Tarak The PS4 is expected to release in spring 2022, with an upgraded PS5 version coming in fall 2022.

Source: playstation blog

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