while many Play Station Players are indifferent to trophies, some devoting themselves to hunting digital badges of honor. Platinum is the highest trophy rarity that PlayStation users can acquire, making it one of the most valuable, although one gamer has shown that some platinum is easier to acquire.

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To get the Platinum Trophy on PlayStation, gamers need to unlock every other trophy on the list. for games like returnal And hadis, it takes dozens of hours and countless runs. even platinum trophies that are on the easier side, like one for Ratchet and Clank: Apart from the Rift, Players need to complete the game perfectly and do all that is to be done. However, while it is rare for AAA games to have easy trophy lists with laughs, some indie games are popular simply because they have easy trophies for gamers to collect.


A video from PlayStation fan and trophy hunter IBadDriverI shows how easy it has become to get Platinum Trophies. The video begins by highlighting how the “trophy game,” the title gamers play just so they can raise their trophy level, has become progressively easier. For example, it took four hours to unlock the Platinum Trophy Hannah Montana: The Movie tie-in game. A little over 12 years later, there are many games that can be made platinum in under a minute, something IBadDriverI proves with the rest of its uploads.

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player starts with catch bowling balls, one of the many breaththrough gaming titles available for download. Each of these games has a handy platinum trophy, and the YouTuber proves it by completing catch bowling balls in 30 seconds. Is leading Sakura Sukubus, a visual novel that can be platinum in a minute if players choose to skip the text via the settings menu. quick mafia, a learning game for kids, boasts another one-minute platinum. the last two games are Legends of Talia: Arcadia and decisive gaming bowling, both of which end in about a minute.

In just five minutes, iBadDriverI has earned five full Platinums, unlocking several Gold Trophies in the process. As such, his alternate account has flown through several trophy levels before. The video does an excellent job of highlighting the current state of PlayStation trophy hunting and the ongoing debate surrounding such games. Some believe that these titles pay hunting trophies for winnings, although others argue that they are harmless. Whichever side the players take, IBadDriverI’s video is certainly interesting.

For Play Station For users who care more about getting a lot of trophies than about getting a few rare trophies, games like the one above may be tempting. With so many simple trophy games now available in the PlayStation Store, speedruns that see players competing to collect the most trophies will likely become more common going forward.

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