PlayStation VR 2 is getting at least one cool game. Here's everything else we know

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Sony’s Sense PSVR 2 controller, came out last year.

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it’s part of the story They, where Nerdshala covers the latest news on the most incredible technology coming soon.


Sony surprised it a bit CES 2022 Press conference, teasing some more details Expected next generation VR headset For playstation 5, And, a small glimpse at a game.

The hardware is, in fact, called PlayStation VR 2 (not surprisingly), as Sony a . tells in New, detailed blog post, and his funky controller PSVR 2 Called Sense Controller, Similar to Spirit Sony’s DualSense Controller, But the more interesting news is that the exclusive game has just been revealed: Horizon Call of the Mountains, a game set in the same game world as Horizon Zero Dawn,

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The VR headset promises to have unparalleled vibration feedback and controllers with advanced haptics, as well as eye-tracking, 110-degree field of view and foveated rendering, a technology that focuses only on where The fovea of ​​the eye is looking for maximum resolution, getting more graphics punch with fewer pixels.

Sony’s PlayStation Head of R&D Dominic Mallinson Suggests Eye Tracking Could Likely Be Back 2019 conversation with Nerdshala,

This sounds like one of the big game-changing VR Headsets Expected in 2022, Here’s what we know about the key specs so far:

  • OLED display, with 2,000×2,040-pixel resolution per eye, 90Hz and 120Hz frame rates
  • 110 degree field of view
  • Eye tracking, and foveated rendering
  • adjustable lens separation
  • in-headset vibration
  • 3d audio
  • Built-in microphone, and audio-out headset jack
  • Four external cameras for tracking
  • Single USB-C Connection
  • Controller with USB-C port, Bluetooth 5.1, rechargeable battery, 6DoF tracking, finger tracking using capacitive touch buttons, and special haptic triggers like infrared, haptics, and DualSense controllers

What we still don’t know: a lot

Even though Sony may have thrown a ton of information our way, there are a lot of unknown things about the PSVR 2 that we hope to find out as soon as possible:

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