Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl: All Evolution Stone locations

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It doesn’t come to mind very often, but there are always a ton of secrets and secrets in Pokémon games. Some just turned out to be rumours, like the infamous Mew under the truck. pokemon red and blue, but others were just objects that were difficult to access. Well, until the Internet came along, that is. Now, we all know what each item does in each game, but that doesn’t mean they’re always easy to find.

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The Evolution Stones are not to be looked down upon. Some trainers who watched anime back in the day may see them as a kind of hoax, but these pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl, They are essential items if you want to evolve specific Pokémon. Each stone is only usable once, so tracking them down is the first step because you’ll need to think carefully about which Pokémon you want to spend it on. While that decision is up to you, we can at least guide you through the location of each Evolution stone pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl,

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How Evolution Stones work

Evolution Stones are one-time items that will instantly evolve a single Pokémon. There are nine types in total, with the exception of the Overworld having at least one Sun Stone and Moon Stone of each, but you can get several of each type if you need them by hunting in Grand Underground. Once used, you cannot cancel or reverse an evolution, so the commitment is permanent.


These stones will not work on any Pokemon, even if they are of the same type. We’ll list all applicable Pokémon each stone can be used for below.

fire stone location

An instructor in a metal factory.

The Fire Stone is hidden inside the Fuego Ironworks. You can get there from Route 205, where you need to use the surf and head west until you reach the building. Once inside, go to the wall on the right. Once you’ve solved the booster pad maze and reach Fuego, he’ll give you a Fire Stone.

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A second can also be raised here on the floor with the tile puzzle on the floor. Solve it and make it to the right side of the room. Near a blue container in the corner is a fire stone.

A Fire Stone can be used to evolve:

  • Vulpix to Ninetails
  • arcnine from growlith
  • Eevee to Flareon

water stone location

A trainer is getting a water stone.

You’ll get the first Water Stone as part of the main story when you’re on Route 213. From here, head south until you hit the beach and continue south until you come to a small island surrounded by rocks with a sailor. , He’ll battle you, allowing you to head further north to find the object in the water to the two other trainers in the water.

You can grab a second Water Stone, but not until you’ve unlocked the National Pokedex. Once you reach and can reach the fight area in the Battle Tower, one will be on Route 230. Keep your eyes on the right for a set of stairs you can use Rock Smash and continue on to the item.

To develop a water stone can be used:

  • Poliwrath to Poliwrath
  • shelter to cloister
  • Staryu to Starmi
  • Vaporeon from Eevee
  • Ludicolo from Lombre

thunder stone location

A trainer stopping his bike near a cliff.

The lonely Thunder Stone outside the Grand Underground is behind the lighthouse in Sunnyshore City. You can reach the lighthouse by descending the stairs near the solar panel by Pokémon Rock. The item is tucked next to the rock on the left.

A Thunder Stone can be used to evolve:

  • Pikachu to Raichu
  • Eevee to Jolteon

leaf stone location

An instructor in the field of flowers.

Our journey to grab the Leaf Stone will take us to a secret area of ​​Floroma Meadows. To find it, head south to the Fuego Ironworks and use the surf to look for the entrance to the meadow across the river. Take the stairs to the south and you’ll hit a field of flowers, with an object resting in the middle.

A leaf stone can be used to develop:

  • sad for vileplam
  • Victribell from WePinnabell
  • Exeggcutor to Executor
  • Nuzleef to Shifttree

moon stone location

Digging stuff out of the wall.

The Moon Stone, and the Sun Stone to follow, are two of the most difficult to obtain as they do not appear anywhere in the overworld. The only place you can get them is through the mining mini-game in Grand Underground or you can get lucky and catch a Pokémon that happens to already be holding one.

A Moon Stone can be used to evolve:

  • Nidoquine from Nidorina
  • Nidoking from Nidorino
  • Clefairy to Clefable
  • jigglypuff to wiggletuff
  • skitty for delicati

sun stone location

Like the Moon Stone, if you need one of these rare growth stones, get your hands dirty by digging in the Grand Underground.

A Sun Stone can be used to develop:

  • gloom to belossom
  • Sunkarn to Sunflora

shiny stone spot

Picking up a shining stone in a cave,

The first to grab the wild Shiny Stone is on the Iron Islands you see with Riley for the first time. The two of you will navigate through a mine as part of the story, but just before the exit, you’ll see the item on the right side of your screen.

Another Shiny Stone can be stopped at Route 228. As you cross the bridge on this path, keep an eye out to the left for two rangers who will engage you in a double battle. Just before the pair, you can grab the Shiny Stone.

A shining stone can be used to develop:

  • Togetic in Togekiss
  • Roserade from Rosalia

dusk location

A trainer receiving an item from a desk.

Your first shot at a Dusk Stone occurs during the story section as you defeat Team Galactic Commander Jupiter at Lake Acuity and pick up storage items. With that, go to Wailstone City and use it to get inside the Galactic Warehouse. There is a side room in the upper right with a Dusk stone on a table near the computer.

The second won’t happen until you’ve defeated the final boss to become a Pokémon League champion. At this point, you will be able to enter the Hall of Fame and Victory Road. Go to the far end of the first floor of Victory Road and look in the back left corner. Use the power to move the rocks out of the way to lift the stone.

The Dusk Stone can be used to evolve:

  • Murkro to Honchkro (brilliant diamond,
  • Misdreavus to Mismagius (shining pearl,

Dawn Stone Location

Near a man in purple is picking up a dawn stone.

There are two chances to grab the Don Stone during the game. The first is on Mount Coronet, which you get to via Route 207. Once inside, head to the southern end of the cave and take a few steps down into the water. Surf to the other side and grab the item here for the stone.

The second Dawn Stone will not be available unless you have the National Pokedex and access Route 225. Go north along this route until you hit a rock wall, you can use the Rock Climb. Don Stone is behind a trainer that you need to defeat in order to reach.

A Dawn Stone can be used to evolve:

  • Galaday from Male Kirlia
  • Froslas from female snoring

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