generation 4 pokemon remake, pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl It was released only last month to relatively mixed reviews. Regardless of whether players enjoyed the remake or not, one criticism that most fans and critics can agree on is pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl‘s Difficulty. For a variety of reasons, many people believe that these remakes are too easy.

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There’s been a lot of debate on this pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl Experience sharing facility. Essentially it allows each Pokémon in the party to gain experience. Although the experience shared to party members isn’t as much as the experience Pokémon actually get battling, many players found themselves having unusually strong Pokémon at some point.


Another factor that makes things easier is pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearlfriendship status. A user on Reddit by the name of gjeorges has clipped a moment from his fight with Sinnoh’s champion, Cynthia, where it’s shown how incredibly strong the friendship is. Trainor’s Girafferig survived by one HP from being knocked unconscious after Cynthia was hit by Gastrodon. Girafarig had a burn that rendered the Pokémon unconscious after surviving the initial blow, but then Girafarig healed himself.

I understand the power of friendship, but I’m starting to doubt From

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Both instances where Girafarig survived was entirely because of the friendliness level with the user. Pokemon can sometimes tough it out and stay with a health from a move that would otherwise render them unconscious. Pokémon can also heal itself from status effects such as burns. There are several quick and easy ways to level up a Pokémon’s Friendship stat that can also provide other benefits to Pokémon.

In addition to the two bonuses mentioned earlier, friendship can also increase a Pokemon’s chances of getting a critical hit. Unfortunately, Girafferig didn’t get a critical hit in the clip, but by the time Pokémon survived, it was already comical enough. Chances are the trainers keep the same party until the end when they face the Elite Four, at which point their Pokemon will form a pretty solid bond. Although pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearlThe champion of the game generally challenges the players, the mechanics introduced in the remake can make the battle easier.

If players have a good bond with their Pokemon, in addition to potentially being over-layered due to experience sharing, trainers will also be able to progress in situations in which they would not normally progress. At the end of the day, though, many players are still pretty much enjoying Sinnoh Remake. pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl Breaks sales record in Japan. Despite fans’ reaction to the difficulty in recent games, it is possible that Friendship status and part of the experience will return in future titles.

pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl Now available for Nintendo Switch.

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