In form of pokemon As the series continues, the franchise has added a number of quality-of-life features to make the game easier for fans, both new and old. The addition of these features has a divided reception among players as some either praise the new features while others insist that the game is getting too easy. a decision that has divided players pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl This is how the preview of the title showed that the EXP Share feature is permanently on.

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exp is share pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearlA shortened version of “Experience Share”, referred to in Pokémon games as “XP All” since the first title. This tool is a useful item that simplifies how much time trainers have to spend by distributing EXP to all Pokemon in players’ parties as long as the item is equipped or the option is turned on. Recent titles have included earlier and earlier features in the game with each release.


used in exp share brilliant diamond And shining pearl Affects the entire party from the very beginning of the game, according to, and cannot be turned off. The fourth-generation remake also includes the same helpful type-effectiveness tips on moves, as in recent titles, as well as allowing players to quickly access their Pokémon PC storage, and trainers at any time they want.

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This has caused divisions with players, as some have pointed out that leveling up Pokémon isn’t something many fans want to spend too much time on, while others feel like it adds to the challenge. The first game with EXP share was permanently abandoned Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu And ewe, which was a title that some hardcore fans deemed “too easy” as a result.

Utility of this feature in pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl This is something that depends on the fan in question, but it can certainly be argued that this is just one of many changes that do pokemon It’s far easier to overcome in current times, making the struggle of building a strong enough team to battle the gym easier for young and busy fans.

Also, it has to be noted how leaving the feature on permanently does not give fans a choice in their gameplay experience. While this can be helpful to others, some fans have enjoyed working for a strong Pokémon team, and the feature cuts play time for those fans in almost half. It looks like players may need to get used to this feature, as it could be a permanent setting for everyone. pokemon title from now on.

pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl Released for Nintendo Switch on November 19, 2021.

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