With the recent launch of pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl, gamers from all over the world are given the opportunity to return to the Sinnoh region and explore re-created locations, catch new and old Pokémon, and discover new secrets. A player recently discovered that a follower Pokemon is running out pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl Can help uncover invisible objects – by bowing your head in them.

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The ability to make Pokémon follow the player is unlocked by accessing Amity Square in Hartholm City, where the player is prompted to walk a “cute” Pokémon around the park. Players will then be able to walk any Pokémon by selecting any Pokémon on the party screen and selecting the Walk Together option. While many Pokémon such as Gyarados will not be featured extensively, the ability for Pokémon to follow the player character can enhance the feeling of developing a bond with these adorable monsters, especially when they prove helpful.


Reddit user iwillblastufat shared a 20-second-long video that shows himself walking around with an Ampollion, who is chasing after them, the final evolution of Sinnoh starter Pokemon Pipplp. The pair run across a rocky beach on Route 213, avoiding characters wearing inner tubes, before Ampoleon suddenly starts running all over the place. The player turns back and reconnects with Ampolion, who is trapped on an invisible object, and collects the item to find a bottle of calcium.

There is clash with hidden objects in Pokemon! From

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Curious players can find a wide variety of hidden objects in it pokemon games like brilliant diamond And shining pearl, from a variety of Poke Balls to potions to accessories like Honey. However, players are generally expected to uncover them using the Dosing Machine function of the Pokemon, not by letting the Pokemon stumble upon them. This unexpected feature could be a bug that leads the follower Pokemon to collide with unseen objects, but if so, that might not be a bad thing.

As of writing, it appears that fans have mixed feelings about the ability to crash into unseen objects of the nerdy Pokémon. Several users expressed their approval of the feature, especially pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl Looks like the clunky Dowsing Machine mechanics haven’t been updated. One user said that it would be more interesting to see followers actively turn their heads when passing a hidden object to the Pokemon rather than simply holding onto it. However, another user asked if the games were even tested before release.

pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl Now available for Nintendo Switch.

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