On top of trying to complete the Pokedex, pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl Players face each gym on their way to defeat the Elite Four and become the Pokémon Champion. This can be a challenge for even the most complete teams, but by relying only on Bidoff and a Biberle in his game, one player did the job. pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl even harder.

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with the release of Pokeman brilliant diamond And shining pearl, players are brought back to the Sinnoh region and its unique Pokémon. A relatively common Pokémon, Bidof is encountered early in games and is recognized for its ability to learn special moves known as hidden machines, or HMs.


In a post U/Rumari, the victory screen players share after winning a Pokémon Championship is a Bidof fan’s dream. For those who haven’t been following the franchise, Bidoff has become a bit pokemon Meme for its bad behavior by the players. bidof in the original pokemon diamond And Pearl It became the choice of many players to learn as many HMs as possible in order to keep those attack slots open on their Pokemon team. These games often blocked progress behind the use of these HMs, forcing players to teach their Pokémon. Instead, players regarded Bidof as just an HM SpongeBob, and this popularity made it a meme. This team assembled by u/rumari flips that script by winning the league championship with 5 bidoffs and a biberle.

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League Champion Pokemon Diamond Bidof Team

While these Pokemon aren’t inherently weak like Magikarps, it’s a strange sight to see a team that focuses exclusively on a particular Pokemon. Elite Four In. to defeat pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl It can be too much of a challenge to even have a set of 6 Pokemon that compliment each other’s strengths and weaknesses, let alone a Biberle and 5 Bidof. But having each Bidof at level 69 and Biberel at level 81 would have made this challenge at least a little easier.

Use of Bidof as HM Sponge pokemon diamond And Pearl Goes to show that players are frustrated with these moves and their need to move through the game. As powerful as some can be (like Surf and Fly) some players are still frustrated that they end up with a slot where there may be a more powerful alternative slot.

Again, HMs have been present throughout the series from the start and are often helpful in guiding players to where they need to travel further. Either way, this team of Bidoofs and Bibarel beating the Elite 4 is an impressive feat and a great tribute to the memorable Pokemon.

pokemon brilliant diamond And pokemon shining pearl Available on Nintendo Switch.

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